Alexandria House 2

Alexandria House 2

Alexandria, Sydney , Australia | View Map
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Justin Alexander
PIVOT als Architecten

The project is for the full rebuild of an existing Terrace House. The front façade and front roof form is retained and restored for heritage reasonsand the remodelled rear form responds to cues found in the existing context and the previous dwelling which occupied the site.

The new works are conceptualised as being enclosed by a skewed roof surface which demarcates the arrangement of interior spaces. In addition, exterior walling surfaces are envisaged to bring the outside in by creating feature panels and wrapping sections of the interior to create rooms and an interior courtyard.

The project draws no distinction between inside and outside. Full height glazing and louvers are used to let the house breathe and skylights are used strategically to maximise natural light to key areas stipulated by the brief whilst polished concrete and timber decking alternate freely from interior to exterior sections house.

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Project Credits
Yulin Alley
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Yulin Alley

Chengdu, Sichuan, China - Gerealiseerd over 2019
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