Australia Street House

Australia Street House

lahznimmo architects
Australia Street, Newtown NSW, Australia | View Map
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Australia Street House

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The project involved major internal renovations to the back half of a single storey federation terrace, and the addition of a second storey bedroom andbathroom.


The form of the extensions can be read as two plywood boxes, detailed tohave a furniture like quality. One, the bedroom, sits astride the existingmasonry house and overlooks the rear laneway. The other, the bathroom,is interlocked into the larger box and is propped on an extension of theparty wall and a single round steel column.


The internal renovations included the removal of cross walls to make onelarge memorable room that contains Living, Dining and Kitchen areas. Theside light well has been in filled with a timber deck level with the Livingand Dining areas, and the existing double hung windows converted intofull height triple hung windows allowing direct access onto the new deck.


Internally, fragments of the original structure form points of reference for the new work and frame a kind of existing landscape that the new work must respond to. Externally the new work draws its context from the inventive variety of forms, styles and materials that are in evidence in the laneway. It is a context that has little to do with the ‘fronts’ of the buildings, and this is part of the charm of the laneway.


Material Used :

1. Internal Timber Veneer Panel - Internal timber veneer panel lining, 10mm thick 'Brimsboard' with white birch timber veneer
2. Pavers - Lay new ‘Hadonstone’ 
3. Frameless Double Hung Windows - To be ‘Shugg Sashless Windows’ by Framex. Western Red Cedar timber guides and clear anodised aluminium continuous lift.
4. All Framed doors made out of western red cedar with a clear finish
5. Perforated Sheet Metal - To be from ‘Richardson Pacific. Sheet to be ‘G 170’, 1.6mm thick, 30% open, 2400 x 1200mm, electroplated finish
6. Timber Shutters - As detailed and supplied by 'Architectural Timber Products'
7. Timber Deck - To be 64mm wide by 19mm thick boards with pencil round edges in seasoned brushbox equal to Boral Timber 201 profile
8. External plywood cladding is to be 15mm 'Texture 2000' by Carter Holt Harvey Plywood
9. Corrugated Polycarbonate - To be 0.8mm thick ‘Suntuf’ in Opal as supplied by Solarspace
10. Steel Roofing - Lysaght Zincalume Custom Orb

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External plywood cladding is to be 15mm 'Texture 2000' Carter Holt Harvey
Frameless Double Hung Windows - To be ‘Shugg Sashless Windows’Framex
Pavers - Lay new Haddonstone Ltd
Zincalume Custom ORB®Lysaght
Product specificatie overzicht
External plywood cladding is to be 15mm 'Texture 2000'
Frameless Double Hung Windows - To be ‘Shugg Sashless Windows’
by Framex
Pavers - Lay new
Zincalume Custom ORB®
by Lysaght
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