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Commercial experience and interior design project for the ITESM university Campus Monterrey. The project is located inside the university's new stadium, making it the main welcome area for visitors and the Borregos’ fans. The client needed a space that showcased current student MVP’s but also connected with the university’s alumni showing vintage uniforms, the school’s trophies and memorabilia. Our solution to this tight space was to create a circular flow around a vertical trophy exhibit, using the existing walls as display space. As you enter the room, the flow of circulation is marked on the ground with the traditional X and O’s of strategy diagrams, the public is welcomed by a floor to ceiling collage of vintage photography showing the initial stages of every sports team on campus. Individual vertical banners showcase the existing MVP’s of every team, followed by a white wall that plays a video-reel of the campus sports history. Individual “lockers” show a timeline of the school’s uniforms, the main visual element is the LED “field” ceiling lights installed by “The Wall Project” helping to create an immersive experience.

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