Brigadas Promedio
Fernando Alda

Brigadas & Promedio Centro

Estudio Arquitectura Hago als Architecten

Sited along the northern side of a big plot, in an industrial area located on the outskirts of the city, this building takes the program as an opportunity to develop an urban liked volumetry. The client was seeking two industrial buildings. The program of both was very similar: a series of specific open spaces, an office space and a double-height storage area. The proposal solves the whole in the same formal unit, with paired typology, but within the same strategy. The uses are distributed consecutively: in the south side all industrial uses and in the north one the offices and warehouses (these in first floor) Each of the parts are adapted continuously from east to west, to the needs of the program: each use has a specific surface and each volume arises from the needs of the use it houses. The proposal breaks with the formal monotony of the rest of the surrounding buildings. Seen from a distance, it manifests itself as a unit and from the closeness it shows a diverse volumetry, as if it were a cluster of buildings. Its wealth of scales, reverberated in light-laden interiors, generate an open and dynamic proposal in direct relation to the landscape.

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Physical 2.0
volgend project

Physical 2.0

Wellness centra
Shanghai, China - Gerealiseerd over 2020
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