Camden Street House

Camden Street House

Christopher Polly Architect
Newtown, Australia
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Camden Street House

Christopher Polly Architect als Architecten

The design involves a new lightweight steel framed and glazed addition adjoining the ground floor kitchen, which is read as a separate structure from the main residence, thus maintaining the architectural integrity of the existing residence. A new kitchen feeds into the addition and a new rear deck, pond element and raised planters replacing existing raised planters, immediately extend from the rear of the addition.

The new addition comprises of aluminium framed double glazed doors and windows to assist in minimising aircraft and latent background noise from neighbouring high density units and in maintaining internal thermal comfort in the south facing orientation of the addition. They also serve to increase the solar access to the south facing rear part of the house and to improve the physical and visual connection to the deck, new and established gardens at the rear of the property.

The generous overall height was established by the extension of the existing finished ceiling level to provide a continuity of spaces from the front to the rear of the residence. A new frameless highlight window in the kitchen provides easterly solar access and views to sky and tree canopies, whilst the new roof of the addition is framed to enable a first floor addition to be built over the ground floor addition at a later date. A steel framed pelmet wrapping around the facades of the addition provide concealed lighting of the soffits externally and concealed blinds internally.

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