Coast House
Tom Ferguson

Coast House

Luke Moloney Architecture als Architecten

A single-storey cottage overlooking the ocean received a new first floor to take advantage of spectacular coastal views.

An economical design tailors simple materials to make a comfortable home for a busy couple with young children.

The pitched roof form in the living spaces on the upper floor creates a generously-proportioned series of rooms, addressing the ocean view.

A cut-out corner of the balcony serves to frame views south along the coastline, while offering privacy from the block of flats next door.

Mirrors and skylights in the living rooms bring in northern sun and amplify views in a tight floor plate, increasing the sense of space.

The form of the garage recalls seaside bathing pavilions.

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Product specificatie overzicht

Product specificatie overzicht
by Knoll
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Toronto, ON, Canada - Gerealiseerd over 2020
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