Mechanical Engineering of the RWTH Aachen

Mechanical Engineering of the RWTH Aachen

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Rehabilitation Mechanical Engineering RWTH Aachen

SSP AG als Architecten

The 1st mechanical engineering of the RWTH Aachen was built in 1964 as a high-rise building in the inner city ring. The Mechanical Engineering faculty of RWTH Aachen uses office and seminar rooms as well as workshops and laboratories in the building.


The existing building was gutted down to the shell structure. The remaining supporting structure was upgraded both structurally and in terms of fire protection. A new element facade envelops the building.


The new interior fittings were specifically designed for use as an office and seminar building as well as a lecture hall and workshops for the chairs of the RWTH Aachen University. Additional institutes from other buildings were integrated into the high-rise in accordance with the university location and development concept. 


Within the framework of a feasibility study, SSP AG developed a core redevelopment concept that focuses not only on the functional optimization of the usable areas and operational processes but also on the restoration of a representative appearance. Maximum flexibility of use and optimized energy efficiency round off the sustainable building concept. 


The carefully detailed modular curtain wall façade is characterized by a stringent horizontal structure during the daytime and thus refers to the original appearance. At night, the stairwells, which are accentuated in colour, shine through the translucent façade and correspond with the urban space. 


A delicate, filigrain steel awning on three chrome-plated columns extends over the entrance area and realigns the renovated high-rise building on the first floor.


 The renovated building contributes to the future viability of this inner-city location of the RWTH Aachen University through high energy savings (insulation of the building envelope, highly efficient energy recovery), a modular floor plan design and flexible use. 


During the refurbishment, key requirements were implemented in accordance with the Sustainable Building Rating System (BNB) for certification in silver.

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