MPP Cellularium

MPP Cellularium

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Wellness centra
Product specificatie overzicht

ElementBedrijf Product Name
Pendant Lights Flos
Sanitary (washbasin, toilet)Artceram
Interior LightingFoscarini
AAC 26
Ceiling Basin Battery Mario Bongio s.r.l.
Time 2020 Ceiling Spout
Lighting planificationBulb

Product specificatie overzicht
Pendant Lights
Sanitary (washbasin, toilet)
COGNAC 35, FILE 2.0 by Artceram
Interior Lighting
Gregg by Foscarini
AAC 26 by HAY
Ceiling Basin Battery
Time 2020 Ceiling Spout by Mario Bongio s.r.l.
Lighting planification
by Bulb

MPP Cellularium

Formafatal als Architects & Designers

An interesting but intricately shaped space in the new MPP building, where you can hardly find a flat wall in the floor plan and the space is vertically interwoven with inclined load-bearing columns - such documents were received by the Formafatal studio together with the assignment for the interior design of the Institute of Natural Medicine.

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

A separate circular cell (doctor's office) is inserted into the entrance foyer, which also serves as a waiting room. The reception with the nurse is located at the entrance and the main part of the whole area with a total area of 155 m2 is the so-called SPA, in which, in addition to separate locker rooms, there are accompanying treatment procedures - Finnish sauna, cryosauna and air therapy.

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

Due to the soft shaping of all walls, we emphasized the simplicity and at the same time the imaginativeness of the surfaces and wallcovering during the design. Dark tones and smooth screed on surfaces together with daylight significantly underline the playfully modeled space, while we left the nurse's and the doctor's office in soft light shades that do not distract the visitor. The outer shell of the surgery is lined with vertical steel plates, which gradually fold down to a flat smooth cladding with integrated doors. The verticality of the cladding is a reaction to the facade of the MPP building (DAM architects).

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

We continue with the principle of a vertical grid in the SPA section, where we lined each of the three main rooms with clear glass rods on gradient SDK partitions with gradient screed.

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

There is no need to describe the purpose of the room to customers. The color itself defines the content. Sauna as fire (red), cryosauna as ice (blue) and air flow as wind (gray).

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

Using a semicircular back made of perforated backlit sheet metal next to the mirrors, we lit up the small circular locker rooms into a play of light and shadow, again with a grid of vertical strips. We repeated all these principles and materials in other modified forms throughout the interior to achieve a harmonious whole.

photo_credit BoysPlayNice


Architects & Designers Studio: Formafatal

Author: Dagmar Štěpánová, Martina Homolková

Photographer: BoysPlayNice


Materials Used:

Screed surfaces: Different Design

Glass bar wallcovering, tailor made furniture according to the Formafatal design:


Lighting planification, supply of luminaires: Bulb

Pendant lights String Light Sphere — FLOS

Chairs AAC 26 — HAY

Pendant and floor light GREGG lamp — FOSCARINI
Sanitary (washbasin, toilet) lavabo COGNAC 35, VASO FILE 2.0 — THE.ARTCERAM

Ceiling basin battery TIME 2020 — BONGIO

Ground concrete – floor

Granite stone – floor

Cement screed – wall surfaces

Steel (ZTV) – wallcovering, furniture according to the author's design

Stainless steel (perforated sheet) – furniture according to the author's design

Stainless steel (super-mirror) – column covering

Varnishned MDF board – furniture according to the author's design

Ceramic tiling – wallcovering

Glass bar – wallcovering

Solid oak – ceiling


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