FAKRO als Blinds

The luxury property N°10 is a new landmark in the historic heart of Vienna. The light-flooded attic apartments with non standard electric roof windows are the highlight for the striking architecture.


N°10 is located in the first district of Vienna with its great history and cultural vitality. Only a few minutes' walk from Saint Stephen’s Cathedral and surrounded by historic buildings, the architects created the luxury residential and office building N°10 with its striking exterior. The rhythmically curved façade with panels in brown and gold from the bottom to the top give the building a lively appearance and expresses its own identity.


Design at the highest level

A special aesthetic feature of the architecture is the classic sloping ceilings in the attic run over two storeys with the non standard FAKRO low energy and electric roof windows lying in an arcade rooflight. The part between the roof windows was outside formed with FAKRO FNP P2/H5 blind elements with reflective panes. This gives the impression that the arcade rooflight is a continuous window surface. The roofing company and timber constructor have installed the special solutioned roof windows that the AMZ Z-WAVE and AMZ Solar external awning blinds end on the same level as the façade panels. In order to guarantee the water tightness of the roof the frame profiles of the window constructions were equipped with three circumferential sealing levels.


Attic with non standard windows

Inside, the furnishings offer a completely new level of comfort. N°10 also includes a dinner salon, a library, a fitness gym, a 24-hour concierge service and an underground car park for the residents. The apartments with efficient floor plans in sizes ranging from 50 to 240m² are made with materials of the highest quality. This exclusivity is particularly visible in the attic: the penthouse apartments have a direct access to the roof terrace with whirlpool and a breathtaking panoramic view of Vienna. In close cooperation with the planners of the roof window manufacturer FAKRO, the window and connection solutions were specifically tailored to the property. The low-energy and electric non standard FAKRO FTW P5 Z-Wave and FPW P5 Z-Wave roof windows and the electric AMZ Z-WAVE and AMZ Solar awning blinds are integrated into a modern house and building system ("Smart Home") and thus offer maximum comfort for the residents. The roof windows provide a lot of daylight and create a special atmosphere in the interiors.

Renngasse 10

3XN als Architecten

With a location in the heart of Vienna's historic First District city center, 3XN has designed the contemporary residential building Renngasse 10 to adapt to the adjacent historical buildings in a way that complements its neighbors while expressing its own identity.


Its volume, materiality and colour scheme respect the historic surroundings, while its curved and rhythmic façade brings the modern building to life. A number of public functions are located on the ground floor, so the building appears inviting and opens up towards the existing urban environment. An adjacent plaza contributes an amenity space for residents and community members alike.

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