Noblesse Cocktail Bar
Vanni Borghi

Noblesse Cocktail Bar

Marazzi als Fabrikant

A small cocktail bar, the Noblesse, has just opened in the old centre of Vignola, a small town near Modena famous for its cherries, to provide a location where creativity and skill meet in original, delightful cocktails. The bar’s interior design is also original and delightful, blending cosmopolitan allure with an intimate, cosy mood. Sophisticated, enticing colours, designer details and the old brick arched ceiling combine attractively with the floor and wall coverings in a mix of different Marazzi collections, chosen to convey the location’s unique spirit.

photo_credit Vanni Borghi
Vanni Borghi

The space is shaped by marble, wood and slate effects to create an interior that bases its style on contrasts. The floors, the counter and the venue’s most distinctive features are covered with an unusual mix of Allmarble Calacatta Extra marble-effect stoneware - with a pale background run through with striking grey veining - and the Treverklife wood effect, a collection inspired by the warmth of oak wood, in Cherry colour.

photo_credit Vanni Borghi
Vanni Borghi

The contrast between the elegance of the marble and the warmth of the wood was emphasised, while maintaining the overall harmony of the interior design, by the use for both collections of the 12.5x75 cm custom size, installed in a herringbone pattern on both the floor and the walls: the result is a very modern, attractive, dynamic locale with a strong personality. The tables were finished with Allmarble, in the stylish Elegant Black surface with contrasting pale veins.

photo_credit Vanni Borghi
Vanni Borghi

To highlight their forms, the steps of the multi-level bar were covered with Mystone Ardesia stone-effect porcelain stoneware in Cenere 75x150 cm structured version, ideal for combining contemporary design with technical performance.

photo_credit Vanni Borghi
Vanni Borghi

The finishing touch: a row of Colorplay in Sage colour on the walls, to break up their plain vertical surfaces with the subtle geometrical forms of the Cabochon 3D structure, inspired by the facets of diamonds.

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