One Community Church

One Community Church

DKO Architecture
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Derek Swalwell
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ElementBedrijf Product Name
Metal Roof Sheeting & Wall Cladding - Apex Apspan 700Apex
Wall and Ceiling Paint - Wash & Wear Vivid WhiteDulux
Carpet Tiles - Modulyss StepGibbon Group
Timber Flooring and Cladding - American Oak, White SmokedHarper Sandilands
Acoustic Panels - Echo PanelWoven Image

Product specificatie overzicht
Metal Roof Sheeting & Wall Cladding - Apex Apspan 700
by Apex
Wall and Ceiling Paint - Wash & Wear Vivid White
by Dulux
Carpet Tiles - Modulyss Step
Timber Flooring and Cladding - American Oak, White Smoked
Acoustic Panels - Echo Panel

One Community Church

DKO Architecture als Architecten

The design of the Church focused on reinventing the modern day church to create a multi-purpose community and youth centre for all people. The result is a centre that encourages community based activities and provides an ideal vehicle for sharing information, ideas and resources.

The building contains a coffee shop, function rooms, youth centre, reception area, breakout spaces and a 500 seat auditorium. Construction of this project was undertaken whilst maintaining full operation of the Church facilities.

DKO’s architect and interior design teams worked closely to design the latest addition to the burgeoning floor plate of the Church. The design brief was looking to achieve a series of spaces that would appeal to both their existing congregation and a new, younger following whilst also encapsulating the fresh, modern image of the Church.

Catering to a richly diverse demographic, the series of spaces were designed for flexibility to assist in the abundance of events held at the church; from weddings to children’s Sunday school.

Both the large open plan areas and smaller intimate zones act as a meeting point for the young and old generations within the community.

The interior palette was paired back to natural timber and durable materials, successfully grounding the project and dividing the expansive floor plate into a series of functional & private enclosures. Clad entirely in American Oak these pods mimic the angular architecture of the building’s exterior fabric whilst housing the Café, Reception and Councillors rooms. In contrast to the warm timber tones, cool greys and black were used to create a versatile interior that will stand the test of time.

Material Used :

1. Apex – Metal Roof Sheeting & Wall Cladding: Apex Apspan 700

2. Gibbon Group – Carpet Tiles - Modulyss Step

3. Dulux - Wall and Ceiling Paint: Wash & Wear Vivid White

4. Woven Image - Acoustic Panels: Echo Panel

5. Harper & Sandilands - Timber Flooring and Cladding - American Oak, White Smoked

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