Product specificatie overzicht

ElementBedrijf Product Name
Steel Doors MHB
Wooden Slats-Nobelwood ColorForeco
Sliding Glass Doors- ASS 50SCHÜCO
P06 Cascata 30-70mmgeopietra
Electric Sectional Door, Berry N80Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
SKS E027Skantrae

Product specificatie overzicht
Wooden Slats-Nobelwood Color
Sliding Glass Doors- ASS 50
P06 Cascata 30-70mm
Electric Sectional Door, Berry N80
SKS E027


BNLA architecten als Architecten

BNLA architects recently completed the transformation of an outdated bungalow in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The architects created a brand new villa in which the different living areas subtly blend into each other.


Both the facades and the spatial layout were changed completely. The living area of the bungalow was enlarged by an huge extension. Two glass passages connect the main house to the adjacent fitness studio. The patio between the two passages has been converted into a minimalist Japanese courtyard garden.


The existing facades of the old bungalow were insulated and provided with white stucco on a base of grey natural stone. The horizontality of the linked volumes is emphasized by the panoramic window at the front. The structure of wooden slats next to the window makes a connection to the garage doors in the extension.


The interior of the bungalow has a spacious layout with long sightlines and bright spaces. The living room and dining area were designed in an open plan, and are separated by a natural stone element, containing the television and fireplace. The custom designed kitchen is a connecting element between the dining and living are. Sliding glass doors open the space to the backyard, where the veranda links to a lawn surrounded by trees.


All rooms in the bungalow are modernized and equipped with luxurious materials and modern features. From all rooms there is an optimal connection to the surrounding garden. BNLA has succeeded in completely transforming the outdated house into a luxuriously spacious bungalow with a modern look.


Material Used:

1. White Stucco (Stolit Milano )

2. Greynaturalstone (Geopietra P06 Cascata 30-70mm)

3. Wooden Slats (Nobelwood Color, Foreco)

4. Hörman Electric Sectional Door, Berry N80

5 .Sliding Glass Doors  Schüco ASS 50

6. Steel Doors (Perfect View (MHB))

7. Microtopping 8. Skantrae SKS E027

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