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Pixelpool office headquarter

Pixelpool office headquarter

AREA occupier solutions
Den Haag, The Netherlands | View Map
Sophie Mylou
Product specificatie overzicht

ElementBedrijf Product Name
Interior lightingNEMO Lighting
Interior lightingInternova
DoorsPlan Effect Systeemwanden
Interior lightingBolia International
Rotate Pendant
Meeting tableIDUNA

Product specificatie overzicht
Interior lighting
Interior lighting
Meteora by Internova
Interior lighting
Rotate Pendant by Bolia International
Meeting table
Moov by IDUNA

Pixelpool office headquarter

AREA occupier solutions als Architecten

Pixelpool is a global player in showroom-software for the fashion industry. With Dtail, an extensive 3D clothing library, they help recognizable fashion brands, save valuable time, money, and resources in the communication-, sales- and production. Pixelpool was looking for a new office in the center of The Hague, with international allure and enough space for organizational growth.

AREA advised Pixelpool in the search for a new office. In co-creation a beautiful location has been founded with influences from the Amsterdamse school. The property has classic features that form a strong characteristic basis for the interior. This basis reflects Pixelpool’s powerful tool for the fashion industry.

Keeping the office as industrial as possible was key. In combination with the wish for a cast floor, enough acoustic solutions where needed. Therefore, custom made acoustic plaster panels, islands and PET panels have been placed on the ceiling and walls. Eliminate echoes, reduces noise and aesthetically pleasing.

In their new office, Pixelpool receives their customers with pride. There is a contrast between the focus area, active areas, and meeting areas. The workplace shows the creative character of the company, with elementary design and industrial elements. Perfect for open communication and unity between the different departments. whereas the meeting areas, where Pixelpool receives customers, have a rich, comfortable, and human atmosphere.

Thanks to its central placement, the kitchen island is a natural focus point. Which is enhanced by the green color and the steel grey granite top. In the center of the floor, a demo space is created. A place where employees can relax, or give a presentation to a client, by using a smartboard or the four television screens to promote their product.


Material Used : 
1. Flooring: Senso – Grain, cast floor
2. Doors: Planeffect – EGO, in RAL7016, aluminium system walls + doors
3. Interior lighting: Nemo lighting – Spigolo, Bolia – Rotate, Lumosec – 2slick, Internova - Meteora
4. Ceiling: Rivasono, Muis Akoestiek
5. Custom made furniture: Visker 

6. Interior furniture:  
Barstools: Dykmeyer – Jops. Chairs: Galvanitas – S1 
Meeting chairs: Conceptual furniture – Cameo
Meeting table: Iduna – Moov 
Table kitchen: Galvanitas – TD4

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