Sleeping in paradise

Sleeping in paradise

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Daniel Nicolas
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LighingModular Lighting Instruments
Wall lampArtemide
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Sleeping in paradise

Studio RUIM als Interieurarchitecten

The space at the top of this seventeenth century canal house on the Singel in Amsterdam resembles a loft, but in reality consists of nothing more than a bedroom and bathroom, which merge seamlessly into one another. Due to the minimalist design every piece of furniture is a true work of art which defines the ample space. Starting with the wooden staircase, which is sandwiched between two glass walls and forms the royal entrance to the top floor.

To the right of the staircase the canopy bed of dark wood is the true eye catcher. The bed is built on a rectangular plateau that forms an island in space through which you literally enter your own dream world during bedtime. The sleek dresser at the head end of the bed, becomes one with the sleeping space due to its subtle design. The rest of the closet space is hidden behind walls, so that all the attention rightfully so is drawn to the center of the room.

To the left of the stairs the white bathtub made of hi-macs forms the center of attention on its stage of Carrara marble, which cleverly hides the pipelines and conserves the clean lines and spaciousness of the upper floor. The color of night blue on the walls combined with the bright white of the floor and the bathtub, give this area a touch of heaven.

With this top bed- and bathfloor on the Amsterdam canals, Studio R U I M has once again shown they are master at combining clean lines and modern materials like steel and concrete ciré with a historical space. With this design they were able to create a piece of heaven on earth with plenty of room for blissful sleeping and bathing.

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