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The project is developed in the middle of busy avenues and streets of Mexico City, which led us to have complex challenges and decisions to make in terms of location, orientation and  materials to use. The property has 16 homes distributed on four levels, two basements, an elevator cube and warehouse area.


The type plant was solved from 4 departments interconnected with vertical circulations by means of cement bridges, robust pieces of apparent structure joined by a system of steel railings generating protection and thus creating a courtyard in which all the inhabitants move freely.


The texture of the rustic black block that predominates in the facades helps the visual integration and protection of the property by being on the side of the peripheral, the location is somewhat hostile of a lot of noise and vehicle traffic. This material for its characteristics and thickness helps to mitigate the adversities that the environment generates in the building; to balance the hardness of the texture, planters and pots were integrated as design elements throughout the facade and interiors of the common areas, accompanied by a plant palette based on jasmine and pineapples.

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Aqua Grid House
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Aqua Grid House

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Pune, Maharashtra, India - Gerealiseerd over 2020
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