The Copyright Agency

The Copyright Agency

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Product specificatie overzicht

ElementBedrijf Product Name
Atlantic Salt6270 – BenchtopCaesarstone
Ash – Zintra Acoustic PanelingBaresque
TasmanianOak – JoinerylegsPorta
TerracottaTile82830 – SplashbackAcademy Tiles
Ravine Natural Oak – JoineryPolytec

Product specificatie overzicht
Atlantic Salt6270 – Benchtop
Ash – Zintra Acoustic Paneling
TasmanianOak – Joinerylegs
TerracottaTile82830 – Splashback
Ravine Natural Oak – Joinery
by Polytec

The Copyright Agency

Wool+Hay als Architecten

Wool+Hay were engaged by the Copyright Agency, a non-profit that collects copyright fees and distributes royalties to authors, artists and publishers, to design their offices located in Sydney, Australia.


Wool+Hay worked closely with Copyright Agency to understand their needs and create a new workplace for the team. The new space reflects what they do as an organisation on entry, and enhances the workplace culture with collaboration and social opportunities.


Bold oversized signage is incorporated into a screen / bookshelf in the reception space, providing a unique opportunity to display the many books and authors they work with. The Breakout space is designed to be active throughout the day with working and informal meeting spaces as well as a being flexible for team gatherings.


The result is a welcoming and soft palette with a strong biophilic approach woven through the design.


Material Used:

1. Ravine Natural Oak – Polytec –Joinery

2. Atlantic Salt6270 – Caesarstone– Benchtop

3. TerracottaTile82830– Academy Tiles–Splashback

4. Ash – ZintraAcousticPaneling – Baresque

5. TasmanianOak – Joinerylegs– Porta

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