Three-apartment building
Pedro Pegenaute

Three-apartment building

Araiz Floristán Arquitectos als Architecten

The planned building consists of a ground floor, three upper floors and a mezzanine floor linked internally to the lower floor.It is intended to house a commercial premises and three dwellings (2 flats and a duplex), the programme of which is adapted to the geometric possibilities of the site and the constraints of the applicable regulations.


It is designed with a structure of screens and low-thickness concrete slabs, which allow optimum use to be made of the maximum height assigned by the urban planning.The building is designed with almost zero consumption, using a high-performance envelope made up of facades based on Ytong block and a wooden box-roof.


The façades, consisting of a Tafalla stone plinth, lime mortar rendering and wooden joinery and shutters, make use of local materials and ensure the building's proper integration into the urban context in which it is located.


Material Used:

1. Facade cladding- Ytong + lime mortar

2. Flooring-Pergo

3. Doors- Lacquered doors

4. Windows- Carmave

5. Roofing- Reinforced concrete

6. Interior furniture- Paymobiliario

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Project Credits
Product specificatie overzicht

Facade claddingYtong
Product specificatie overzicht
by Pergo
by Carmave
Facade cladding
by Ytong
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