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UNOFI: a heat shield thanks to the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric by Mermet

MERMET S.A.S. als Fabrikanten

The market leader in the design of technical fabrics for solar protection has once again produced the goods... With the Satiné 5500 Low E, the only glass-fibre-based fabric offering very low emissions thanks to double-sided metallisation, Mermet once again confirms its expertise in light management, heat control and design, on this occasion equipping the offices of UNOFI, the French union of financial notaries, located in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Ideal for this building with "Excellent" HQE® environmental classification

Thanks to the combination of different technical systems for insulation, heating and energy savings, the office building offers its occupants maximum comfort combined with environmental protection.It is an approach that Pitch Promotion, a UNOFI partner of long standing, wished to consolidate by controlling light and glare as well."With the simultaneous objectives of:

•finding an "effective and aesthetic fabric" able to reside in perfect harmony with the facades, shaped with recesses and raised sections, which grab the eye and enable the terraces on certain levels to be fitted out,

•eliminating backlight in the offices, notably on computer screens.

"To fit out the 2,600 m2 of the new building, Pitch Promotion selected the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric, both for its aesthetic contemporary design and its outstanding performance. This metallic transparent fabric envelopes the building and helps to reduce the energy consumption associated with air conditioning, lighting and heating.

The project includes some 200 fabrics totalling 600 m2 installed in the form of manual blinds, fitted to all the tall, narrow windows that define the facades of this 4-storey building.

The technology of the Satiné 5500 Low E

Launched on the market in 2013, the Satiné 5500 Low E is quite simply THE best solution for interior solar protection. Thanks to the metallisation on both sides, this fabric acts as a real thermal shield, offering extraordinary properties for an interior blind:

•Unrivalled thermal protection: the fabric on its own reflects 78% (Rs: 0.78) of solar energy and offers a gtotof 0.13 with standard type D glazing (gv = 0.32, U = 1.1); a level rarely achieved for a transparent interior blind. With an unequalled emissivity level of 15%, it guarantees thermal comfort throughout the year and avoids any sensation of heat or cold given off by the glass. The fabric acts as an insulator against the glass, ensuring occupants remain comfortable in both summer and winter.

•Excellent visual comfort thanks to:

-Comprehensive glare control with 96% of sunlight filtered out, in spite of the metallic colour;

-Excellent exterior visibility;

-Optimised influx of natural light (VLT = 4%).

In addition, the Satiné 5500 Low E:

•has M1 fire protection classification and meets the requirements of public buildings;

•offers excellent durability: 10,000-cycle mechanical endurance test: Class 3NF EN 13120;

•contributes to the award of credits for eco-efficient building programmes such as BEPOS, BBC, LEED and BREEAM.

Thanks to the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric by Mermet, interior solar protection becomes a matter of genuine high performance, enabling both renovation and construction projects to enjoy an energy revolution!

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