Wohnung Reitmorstraße

Wohnung Reitmorstraße

Arnold / Werner
Munich, Germany | View Map
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Product specificatie overzicht

ElementBedrijf Product Name
Fitting –PVD CoatingVOLA
FabrikantenBauwerk Parquet
Door Handle –Modell 1005FSB
FSB 1005
PerfectsenseEGGER Wood-based materials
Working Surface –Fenix NTMARPA INDUSTRIALE S.p.A.
Kitchen Handle –Solid Black Anodised MetalBuster + Punch

Product specificatie overzicht
Fitting –PVD Coating
Door Handle –Modell 1005
FSB 1005 by FSB
Working Surface –Fenix NTM
Kitchen Handle –Solid Black Anodised Metal

Wohnung Reitmorstr

Arnold / Werner als Architecten

This penthouse apartment in downtown Munich was renovated and restructured by Arnold / Werner for a family. Previously rather nested, the area is now clearly divided into a large living area and a private bedroom and the children's rooms.


The main structuring elements in the living area are the central, vaulted oriel with blue upholstered lounge corner and the open kitchen with free-standing island. The warm and homely appearance of the apartment is mainly given by the white oiled oak parquet as well as the numerous built-in pieces of furniture that define the room and at the same time allows optimum use of the rest of the space, for example under the sloping roof. A pleasant contrast is provided by the luminaires specially designed by PSLab, which - like all fittings - appear in matt black.


Material Used:

1. Bauwerk – Parquet – Formpark Mini

2. Egger –Wood-Based Panel – Perfectsense

3. Arpaindustriale – Working Surface –Fenix NTM

4. Vola–Fitting –PVD Coating

5. Pslab – Spotlight – Custom-Made

6. Buster + Punch – Kitchen Handle –Solid Black Anodised Metal

7. FSB – Door Handle –Modell 1005

8. Saba Italia – Sofa – Pixel

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Project Credits
Spotlight – Custom-Made
CC3 Building
volgend project

CC3 Building

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Pamplona, Spain - Gerealiseerd over 2020
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