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NieuwsNieuws • 26 nov. 2021

HB Trapper & Stål manufactures most parts for their HQ redesign by BIG on-site

The new HB Trapper & Stål’s HQ is a showcase of their steel manufacturing capabilities. The company who primarily manufactures steel stairs and balconies, has expanded into bespoke wall, floor, and ceiling solutions. The facilities to manufacture and assemble most parts of the building were already on-site. BIG, who collaborated with HB Trapper & Stål before on steel parts for VM Houses, the Mountain, and most recently the Marsk Tower, co-designed the project with HB Trapper & Stål, who also acted as the main contractor.     The close collaboration between designer and manufacturer allowed for bespoke steel designs that could be quickly mocked up and tested on site. This resulted in custom-... Meer

NieuwsNieuws • 17 okt. 2021

La Calma House: An expressive concrete shelter in the woods

Located just outside Barcelona on a steeply sloping forested site, La Calma House by Ramon Esteve Estudio provides a sheltered place of refuge where one can retreat from the busy pace of city life. The home’s heavy exterior walls form a protective shell, sheltering the living space from the access road and neighbouring properties while expansively opening the main living space up to the surrounding trees and sloping landscape. Mariela Apollonio In response to the steep slope, the house volume is compact with outside terraces designed to accommodate a pool, barbeque area and several gardens. The colour of the concrete, an off-white, blends with the local stone that surrounds while wood and corten steel accents highlight the tones... Meer

project • By Studio FluidBarren

Raft Sloboda

The Raft Sloboda is located in Belgrade, at the delta of the Sava and the Danube rivers. As there was no particular location at the beginninig of the process (we just knew the raft would be on the river), it seemed to us that old and rusrty industry boats, that pervade whole coastal area, suited best to tihs strand. Caption We decided that the raft should be made of rasty steel and unpretentiously take a posture of an old timer and, thanks to its charm, offer warm athmosphere to its future visitors. Naturally, its design is subordinated to modern architecture and modern users'needs. One of the input data was the purpose of the facility. It was intended for the Disco Raft Sloboda to change the athmospheres throughout the day - from af... Meer

NieuwsNieuws • 27 aug. 2021

Ferrum 1 Business Centre among the first buildings in Russia to be constructed with a sculptural Corten steel facade

Situated on the historic site of the former Rossiya factory in St Petersburg, office building Ferrum 1 (Block 16) by TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten is one of the first buildings in Russia to be constructed with a sculptural Corten steel façade. Corrosion-resistant and extremely durable, the characteristic rust-red patina and texture of the material give a striking and expressive appearance to the building.  The name of the office building – Ferrum – is Latin for iron and references the material structuring the façade as well as the history of the former industrial history of the site.   Ilya Ivanov Constructed in a geometric grid, the façade presents itself as a coherent, dynamic, organically flowi... Meer

project • By Form4 ArchitectureGemeenschapscentra

Corten Ribbon

Reinvigorating Reuse in Walnut Creek, California by Form4 Architecture Programme: San Francisco-based studio Form4 Architecture was responsible for the architectural renovation and interiors of a 24,000 sqft 2-floor community building that is part of a 50-year-old commercial office complex in Walnut Creek, California.  Within the community building, Form4 designed a café, five new conference rooms, a reception lounge/collaboration area, bike lockers/public restroom, and a shower/locker facility on the ground floor.  John Sutton Design:Form4 Architecture’s mission to modernise and reinvigorate a 50-year-old commercial office building in Walnut Creek, California, was to maximise the building’s potentia... Meer

project • By BIG - Bjarke Ingels GroupUitkijktorens

Marsk Tower

The 25-meter-high Marsk Tower – translated as “Marsh Tower” due to its location in the marshlands of Denmark’s popular National Park, Wadden Sea – offers expansive views of the natural environment. Appearing as a sculptural art object rising out of the landscape, Marsk Tower will function as an observation lookout that facilitates community as a key tourist landmark. A wheelchair-accessible tower, an elevator located in the core of the tower provides access via the ground level ramp. The tower’s simple design, defined by Corten steel materiality, exudes a natural aesthetic that blends with the surrounding environment while simultaneously becoming a new, visible destination in Denmark. Rasmus Hjortshoj... Meer

project • By Architects+CoParticuliere woningen

RC House

With a privileged view of the ponds and woods of Fazenda Boa Vista, in Porto Feliz, Sao Paulo, in Brazil, the Boa Vista RC house was designed to see the sun all day long in the leisure area. In the 950 m² of constructed area, the authorial design of architects Caio Bandeira and Tiago Martins, from Architects+Co, stands out. Fernando Guerra The façade reveals the Arc+Co wood panel, an element that allies aesthetics, allows ventilation and natural light in the environments, while guaranteeing privacy to the interiors. With organic paging that takes advantage of the wood scraps cut during the manufacturing process, it is also an ecological panel, since it reduces, with design, the waste of material. Fernando Guerra The... Meer

project • By petrjanda/brainworkParticuliere woningen

Lazy House

The idea of the house goes beyond its physical form and is built from the inside out on the principle of spatial connection with the environment from which it grows and which it overlooks. The concept is based on the relationship between the house and the city, the house and the garden, and the garden and the city. The relationship scheme is repeated inside the house. The interior communal part flowing through the entire house continues to the exterior and all the separate private parts have their own extroverted relationships. The visual appearance of the house is defined by its inner nature and the permeability of its physical body‘s (non) separation of the interior from the exterior. Privacy is maintained by facade membranes that a... Meer

project • By Michael Muraz PhotographyParken/tuinen

James Canning Gardens

Janet Rosenberg & Studio recently redesigned James Canning Gardens in Toronto and commissioned me to photograph it this summer. The gardens feature a canopy of existing trees, a playground, custom corten steel archways and beautiful urban furniture. Michael Muraz It was important to capture the park in use, so we made sure to include as many people as possible in the images. During daytime, the trees shield the park from the heat, and at night, the lights from the lampposts and the archways provide soft lighting to enjoy the space. Michael Muraz Michael Muraz Michael Muraz   Meer

project • By Estudio Galera ArquitecturaParticuliere woningen

Galatea House

Galatea is a vacation home built in Constancia neighbourhood, in a four-block-appendix in the south of Cariló, a seaside town situated 400 km from Buenos Aires. A coastal home is generally uncluttered, reflecting a rustic holiday lifestyle. This house was built to be rented during the year, so there was not a specific program of needs except from some conditions of accessibility and circulations. On an almost-level corner lot and slightly lifted from street level, the L-shaped house opens to the west liberating the centre of the lot at the time that places the prisms nesting the functions, as permeable edges towards the city.  The residence presents an ambiguous relationship with the outside. The visual continuity of the inte... Meer

project • By ArchitectsatWorkKantoren

Engineer's Station

Project Name: Engineer’s Station   The 329 sqft carpet area comprises of a engineering office with integrated material palate and urbane interior. Exposed wall textures with highlighting wooden panel running across the wall gives a symbolic element to the space. The functional separation is provided by glass partition enabling visual comfort and synthesis of aesthetic details. Fundamental concept is to incorporate the site components in design visuals and bring liveliness to the function. Client being engineer, I- girder is used to support the directors table in uplifting the structure and bringing raw contemporary look to the furniture. A rare view of tmt bar ceiling with wood is complementing the corten steel partition over... Meer

project • By Signum ArchitectureParticuliere woningen

Aperture Cellars

Through his unique approach to making wine, Jesse Katz is breaking new ground in the Sonoma Valley. One of the country’s most exciting young winemakers, Jesse was selected as a “rising star” by Wine Spectator who is “changing the way the world drinks wine.” He is the son of world-renowned photographer Andy Katz who, through his photographs, has changed the way the world sees wine. Jesse spent his childhood travelling the world with his father, absorbing both his love of wine and his singular visual perspective. Our intent was to give voice to the groundbreaking vision of both men through the architecture, while simultaneously responding to the winery’s unique location on the valley floor. Joe Fletcher... Meer

project • By LEVS architectenRestaurants


Since 2004, LEVS architecten has been working on projects in the southern railway area of Bussum. The development of de former chocolate factory Bensdorp will be the last phase on the road to turning this formerly inaccessible site into an exceptional living, working, and cultural area. LEVS architecten HistoryIn the design for Bensdorp, the emphasis is placed on its industrial character, and the area’s significance for the city of Bussum. Over the years, decennial drastic transformations defined the face of the old chocolate factory. The relentless turmoil of industrial manufacturing gave rise to characteristic buildings, their dismantling, and replacement by new structures. Closed-off halls of steel have illustrated the last p... Meer

project • By Citizens Design BureauMusea

Manchester Jewish Museum

After almost a decadeof planning and two years of closure, Manchester Jewish Museum is delighted to be finally reopening its doors this Friday, 2 July 2021. The new museum – situated in one of the city’s most multicultural areas of Cheetham Hill - explores universal experiences of journeys, communities and identities from the perspective of Manchester’s Jewish history. Its Grade II* listed synagogue building has been fully renovated and restored to serve both as a living artefact of an authentic Spanish and Portuguese  synagogue and as a stunning cultural space in which the museum will programme live events throughout the year. Joel Chester Fildes This major £6 million capital redevelopment, supported by T... Meer

project • By Carlo Cretella ArchitettoLandelijk

Ipogeo in Valpolicella

The project deals with the insertion of a swimming pool and an underground space inside a property located in Valpolicella. The will has been to respect the naturalistic space of the place, integrating the lines of the marogne in the new project building on the traces of the existing ones the hypogeum space used as changing room of the swimming pool. The excavation and construction of this hypogeous space allowed to visually maintain the existing morphological conformation. The external covering, including the access door, have been covered with stones typical of the area to allow a constant dialogue with the garden. The large windows reveal the interior of the dressing room that has been finished all in the same color of the land in whic... Meer