69" Streamline Island Kitchen Range Hood

by Futuro Futuro



Product Name
69" Streamline Island Kitchen Range Hood
Futuro Futuro
Futuro Futuro

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Kitchen elements
Cooker Hoods

Product Specs

Metal, Steel - Stainless
Island hoods
With perimetral aspiration

Exceptionally modern, stylish, and featuring cutting-edge technology, the left-handed Futuro Futuro 69 inch Streamline Island Range Hood is an impressive kitchen appliance that both maintains the quality of the air in your home and enhances your kitchen’s contemporary design. This Italian range hood is built from the highest-grade 304 stainless steel, offers two energy-efficient full-width LED light strips, and a built-in, electric control panel located on the left-hand side of the unit. This suspended range hood’s stunning design can be attributed to its bright white accent light strip across the top of its front, measuring less than two inches wide and accenting this stainless steel range hood’s incredibly thin design and sophisticated appearance. The extendable chimney of this designer range hood is easily adjustable and can be lengthened between 26 and 49 inches for perfect placement over your kitchen range. This ceiling range hood also comes with aluminum mounting strings to support the right side of the exhaust hood. Versatile and customized to your needs, this kitchen range hood can be purchased with either a ducted or ductless exhaust vent. This powerful range hood uses cutting-edge technology to optimize performance and ease of use. Futuro Futuro’s exclusive perimeter suction system redirects airflow from the center of the exhaust hood to the mesh filters along the edges, permitting increased suction of smoke, steam, and odors while significantly reducing ambient noise. With its four different airflow suction speeds and its removable, dishwasher-safe, metal filters, this modern range hood easily traps airborne grease and oil so that your countertops remain clean and clear. This luxury range hood also makes regular maintenance easy with its automated reminders that indicate when it’s time to clean the metal filters in the dishwasher to maintain optimal performance. This contemporary range hood also possesses the convenient delayed shut-off function, which keeps the ventilation hood on even after you have finished cooking until the removal of odors, grease, and impurities from the air has been completed. All Futuro Futuro ventilation hoods come with a one year US standard plus two additional years parts warranty. With a uniquely modern look and modern functionality to match, the left-handed 69-inch Streamline Island mount range Hood is a great choice for contemporary kitchens.

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