Architextiles ONDO

by Casalis BVBA
  • The Ondo is inherently fire resistant. No fire resistance treatment needed.
  • Available as full-wall panels, a patchwork of varied colour and shape combinations, room dividers and suspended room dividers
  • Together with their sound absorbent qualities, the Architextiles offer the possibility of integrating power sockets and screens making it an excellent choice in public spaces such as offices, airports and restaurants.



Product Name
Architextiles ONDO
Aleksandra Gaca
Casalis BVBA

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Wall covering
Wall panels and cladding
Wall fabrics

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ONDO is the third addition to the Architextiles series and joins previous collections Cello and Slumber. Ondo is produced using Trevira CS polyester, and features new 3D woven, geometric structures and dramatic contrasts in colour and finish to provide a visual and tactile experience. The harmonious weaves and fresh colour combinations of Ondo create a sophisticated, subtle atmosphere, with a reassuringly warm touch and balanced aesthetic, augmented by its ability to reduce sound. Created especially for the contract market, Ondo is available in 14 different colour ways.

Architextiles is series of sound absorbing textiles with a woven 3D structure. Designed by Aleksandra Gaca and manufactured by Casalis, the Architextiles collection was developed through an innovative combination of both craft and high tech elements, in a seamless process to create the panels. The textile panels, produced using sustainable materials, deliver two core features: decoration and noise reduction; the 3D texture of the woven fabric enables the panels to absorb sound waves more efficiently than flat textiles. Thus contributing to a more muted environment.

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