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The Barrisol Lumière (Light) system is a lighting solution that can be used to illuminate an entire room or specific areas. It has a unique texture that allows for the uniform diffusion of light from a source placed behind it. The level of brightness can be adjusted, ranging from a bright, full-day effect to a softer, comfortable atmosphere, due to its special texture. Additionally, the intensity of light can fluctuate, allowing for options ranging from extreme brightness to a more subdued, ambient glow.

Barrisol Star profiles offer an easy installation process and can be used for different purposes such as light fixtures, sculptures, light boxes, fully backlit walls, and ceilings. They are an excellent solution for technical problems and can be used in both new construction and renovation projects. With Barrisol, architects can infuse designs with vibrant light, creating a unique and clean result. The stretched ceilings are adaptable and provide a distinctive design that will enhance any space.



A safe choice

Barrisol ceilings are a great choice for those who want to combine safety and style. These ceilings are made from flame-retardant PVC material that meets European B S1-d0, B S2-d0, or B S3-d0 classifications, UK Class 0, and USA Class I standards (depending on the finish). They are installed using a unique and patented track system that is tensioned around the perimeter of your walls. Barrisol ceilings are fire-resistant, meeting various international safety standards (including M1 classification). Their lightweight design minimizes injury risk in case of emergencies and they don't accumulate static electricity.



Adaptable with several options

With over 230 unique colors and 15 different finishes to choose from, designers can customize ceilings to match any vision. From textures and metallic finishes to printed images and translucent elements, Barrisol can be used to create the perfect look and feel for any space.

Highly adaptable, Barrisol translucent sheets can be used to create fully illuminated ceilings with a beautifully even light output for any shaped room. Its flexibility enables designers to shape the material into organic, three-dimensional forms unrestricted by sheet size or weight, allowing for installations of various shapes, sizes, and forms. 




Barrisol ceilings are like building blocks for ceiling design. They are easy to take down and lightweight for adding lights or fixing building elements above and come in many colors and styles to match any room. The tracks that support the ceiling system can be placed anywhere on the wall for full flexibility.




Barrisol acoustic ceilings go beyond aesthetics. They are specifically designed to work alongside insulating materials, providing excellent acoustic correction for buildings. Their effectiveness is proven through rigorous testing in environments like schools, refining musical auditions, and optimizing sound absorption in offices.


Integrated lighting

Barrisol offers a variety of lighting integration techniques. Suspended lights, integrated lights, spotlights, and even fiber optics can all be seamlessly incorporated. On large surfaces, separator tracks and luminous separators (available in the Barrisol Star line) can be used to create unique lighting effects. Additionally, translucent ceilings and wall coverings further enhance light by reflecting it throughout the space.


Water resistance

Barrisol ceilings are ideal for high-moisture environments. They are resistant to moisture, and condensation, and act as an effective vapor barrier. The ceilings can be washed with water, in most cases. Barrisol ceilings can even act as a barrier in case of water leaks: the material can form a pocket to temporarily hold water and then return to its original shape after the water drains.


Cost and durability

Barrisol is a cost-effective choice that offers a 10-year warranty, requires minimal maintenance, and protects underlying structures. In addition, the ceilings have insulating properties that reduce heating and cooling needs, resulting in energy savings. Moreover, they resist seawater, chlorine, and most gas vapors, such as formaldehyde, ether, and trichloroethylene. They are also insensitive to X-rays and can handle significant water loads.



The modular design facilitates rapid detachment in a matter of minutes. This allows for effortless access to the plenum for various purposes, including servicing technical units, installing new lighting fixtures or ducts, and subsequently re-tensioning the ceiling to its original taut state. Most Barrisol textures can be effectively maintained using specialized cleaning products, ensuring a consistently tidy appearance. It is important to note that brushed suede textures require specialized cleaning methods. For the installation of new light fixtures or technical elements, consulting a Barrisol-approved professional is always recommended to guarantee optimal performance and aesthetics.



Thermal insulation and stability

Barrisol ceilings function like built-in insulation. They create an air layer similar to double glazing. This air pocket acts as an insulating cushion, reducing heat loss from ceilings and roofs, preventing condensation on the Barrisol fabric, and ultimately lowering heating costs. The ceilings can be installed at your desired height and work effectively on their own or combined with existing insulation for maximum energy savings.

Barrisol ceilings are engineered for stability in any environment. They utilize specialized techniques for large surfaces and angled installations, ensuring stability even on high ceilings and with installed fixtures. Additionally, the material itself boasts thermal stability, withstanding temperatures from -40°C to +50°C without any visible changes.


Installation considerations

Barrisol installations require specific conditions. For optimal results, ceilings should only be installed in sealed, clean, and dust-free environments. 

Due to the custom-made nature of Barrisol ceilings and the potential need for on-site adjustments, installation, and removal should always be entrusted to authorized and factory-trained professionals. These qualified installers ensure proper installation and dismantling according to the latest technical guidelines.

Whether working in new or existing buildings, certain considerations apply. In new constructions, ensure the installation area is fully sealed, dry, and dust-free. The plenum space above the ceiling needs to be 100% airtight. Any insulation materials placed there must have a minimum fire classification of M1 (non-flammable). Additionally, roller blind boxes must be airtight for a successful installation. For existing buildings, while furniture removal isn't mandatory, it's recommended to clear smaller items and cover larger pieces for protection during the installation process.



Barrisol ceilings promote sustainability throughout their lifecycle. The BARRISOL® sheet, made from recyclable and recycled co-polymer materials free of lead and cadmium, minimizes environmental impact. Additionally, Barrisol's manufacturing process conserves water and eliminates harmful CFCs and HCFCs.

Furthermore, Barrisol takes back used ceilings for recycling, reducing waste and extending product life.  This commitment has resulted in hundreds of old ceilings, some over 30 years old, being diverted from landfills. Its lightweight design (1000 square meters weighing only 500 kilos) reduces energy consumption during manufacturing, transportation, and installation. This translates to a smaller environmental footprint.


More than 50 years of experience in stretched ceilings

The Barrisol brand emerged in 1975 to offer a comprehensive range of over 20 unique stretched ceiling systems. Barrisol caters to both design professionals and individual users, prioritizing quality and durability. Its impressive portfolio includes renowned projects like the Colosseum Museum and Baltimore Airport. With over 80 patents, Barrisol constantly improves its products and processes, setting industry standards. Its diverse color palette and design options allow for ultimate customization. Barrisol's collaborative approach ensures continuous innovation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the stretch ceiling industry. Its extensive global network with over 1200 partners guarantees quality installations worldwide.


Reference projects

Heydar Aliyev Center 

The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, by Zaha Hadid Architects presents a unique architectural challenge. Its curvilinear form, characterized by undulations, folds, and inflections, necessitates a cohesive interior design that reflects the building's exterior fluidity. Barrisol ceilings played a key role in achieving this design. The material's ability to conform to the building's complex curves eliminates any visual disconnect between the interior and exterior spaces. Beyond their functional adaptability, Barrisol ceilings offer a diverse range of aesthetic options. In the Heydar Aliyev Center, Barrisol ceilings function as ceiling surfaces and become an integral design element.


Marni Las Vegas 

The design of the Marni flagship store in Las Vegas, designed by Sybarite, strategically integrates Barrisol ceilings to reinforce the store's thematic concept. Painted smooth gray, the curving walls are broken up by an array of bubbles in relief - randomly concave and convex, backlit and shadowed - which build up in textural composition. In the ceiling, the giant Barrisol discs echo the bubble motif of the walls and cast soft diffuse light, while the polished concrete floor provides a clean backdrop. This combined effect between the Barrisol ceilings and the wall design fosters a cohesive and visually unified customer experience. 


Vodafone Customer Experience Center 

The Vodafone Customer Experience Center in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a strategic use of Barrisol ceilings to achieve an immersive brand experience. The interior design of the project was created for product presentation purposes to the Vodafone clients.  The ceiling serves as a key element, incorporating a seamless stretch across the entire visitor space. This uninterrupted surface area avoids visual clutter and emphasizes the spatial volume. The Barrisol ceiling adopts the brand's signature red and white color scheme. This color continuity reinforces brand recognition for visitors throughout their journey within the center.

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