creates private spaces

by raumplus GmbH
  • extremely flexible
  • varied creative possibilities
  • digital printing



creates private spaces
raumplus GmbH

Product description

  • extremely flexible
  • varied creative possibilities
  • digital printing

raumplus creates private spaces

For a long time, open living was on the crest of the interior design wave:

seamless architecture saw dedicated spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing,

sleeping and bathing merge into one. But desires change: when digital

technology makes people available around the clock, they crave privacy.

This is exactly what raumplus’ sliding-door and partitioning systems provide.

They are ahead of the game and offer the new “must haves” of interior


“For over 30 years, we’ve been constantly on-trend,” chuckles Uta Bergmann when

asked about current developments in interior design. Worldwide, the Bremen-based

family-owned business raumplus is synonymous with sliding doors, room partitions

and cupboard systems and widely represented on all continents. The high-end brand

is at the forefront of an architectural trend away from completely open interiors and

towards temporarily screening-off individual living areas. With a wealth of technical

and optical variants, everything is hand-crafted in Germany.

raumplus systems create extremely flexible havens of privacy without com promising

the spatial and communicative advantages of open living: a sliding door keeps a great

deal of cooking vapours, odours and sounds out of neighbouring living spaces; a

sliding shelf-cabinet shields the office niche from the sights a nd sounds of the living

room, making it easy to concentrate even when the television is on; glazed

partition between the bedroom and bathroom guarantees discretion in sanitary areas

– to name just three possible scenarios. They aren’t limited to domestic use, creating

rooms within rooms for discretion in open-plan offices, doctors’ practices, agencies

and lawyers’ offices.

At the same time, the creative possibilities are as varied as the use scenarios: door

panels in matt or clear glass, various wood and lacquered surfaces in all colour tones

of the RAL scale are surrounded by silver-coloured, bronze-coloured or powdercoated

aluminium frames. Materials can be mixed and matched with glazing bars,

handles etc. Those who wish to make their company CI, or a special photo, centre of

attention can create a custom door panel with a digital print.

raumplus’ Bremen-based team offers tailored solutions for every configur ation and

every space, even those with slanted ceilings, using the latest technology with

comprehensive know-how and precision craftsmanship. Those seeking inspiration to

enhance the privacy of their interior in a tasteful fashion wil l find what they are

looking for in the catalogue “Smart Sliding and More” or online at www.raumplus.

de. Here, they can see various examples of flexible transitions betw een a spacious

open house and the relaxation that can be found in separate, private spaces with the

help of sliding doors and partitions. As modern paravents, they deliver privacy while

being bang on trend – just like raumplus itself.

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