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Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes

by Banker Wire
  • Available in multiple finish options
  • Enhances interior spaces and projects
  • Antique finishes create textures and depth
  • Bright finishes create highlights and shine



Product Name
Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes
Banker Wire
Banker Wire
United States

Product Type

Facade cladding
Metal meshes cladding

Product Specs

Metal, Brass - Satin brass, Steel - Stainless and Chrome plated, Copper, Chrome - Chrome plated
Grey range
Black range
Red range
Yellow range
Brown range
Gold range
Silver range
Copper range
White range


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A decorative antique plated finish can truly bring out the texture of a woven wire mesh in ways that other coatings cannot. Antique finishes bring out the depth and texture of the weave while solid colors bring out the transparency characteristics with a splace of color.The thin layer of metal does not mask the detail of the wire mesh but rather highlights it. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. Then, visual depth is created by physically relieving the high points of the wire mesh allowing the bright plated alloy to show through. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing.

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