Plug-in lighting moods Plug & Light redefines interior lighting and makes light control incredibly easy. For guaranteed flicker-free, dimmable LED light with matching switch designs. Plug & Light is a defined interface that unites light control and power supply. Combined with suitable luminaires, Plug & Light guarantees reliable, effective and easy-to-control interior lighting. From monochrome dimming with a colour temperature of 2700k through to warmdim (2700 - 4000k). The open system fits into all standard wall boxes commercially available in European countries. It not only redefines the way interior lighting is controlled – it also introduces a totally new way of handling the corresponding luminaires. Installing a Plug & Light luminaire is beautifully simple: the luminaires are docked to the socket with a magnet. Once fitted, each luminaire can be smoothly turned through 360° and can even be exchanged during operation.

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