Rail System is the new system of Impertek products to install decking boards, and stonewares or slabs made of stone and ceramic, of any shape and size.


So far, the raised laying of tile floors and decking in outdoor areas has required very different and complex stands and accessories. Even with the most complete mixed systems, which allow adequate accessories to be used, installation with joists has always been unthought of for ceramic and stone products, especially if they are large or have particular shapes.


As from today, the Impertek Rail System allows outdoor raised floors to be created with boards and a mixed top finish. Ideal for set-ups with large-sized stoneware tiles, Rail System is an integral part of Pedestal Line, and adds three new elements to the complete range of Impertek supports and accessories: a joist and two types of heads, which allow stability and finishes that have been unthought of so far with ceramic stonewares.


Rail is a new joist developed to attach itself to the heads of the Pedestal Line supports: made of lightweight, resistant aluminium, together with the MegaMart supports, it guarantees a capacity and solidity that cannot be compared to that without the joist.

The second great news is Click Rail Head, the new head for the MegaMart line, which is rapidly fitted to the aluminium profile, thereby guaranteeing maximum stability and safe installation.

Lastly, the new Top Rail AS Heads have a generous diameter of 120 mm in which to host ceramic stonewares of any size, thereby ensuring maximum acoustic performance thanks to the soft anti-shock and anti-slip AS rubber, designed for soft and safe support in every situation. The upper wings, 10 mm high and 2 or 4 mm thick, allow precise and elegant grouting and thanks to their pre-cuts, they can be easily removed for installation along the perimeters or in case of end-to-end installation. The lower part of the Top Rail AS Heads are fitted with two hooks that allow them to be secured to the joist, but simultaneously they can slide longitudinally so as to be easily aligned in the right position.


When setting up the raised floor with the Balance Line supports, which can be adjusted between 25 and 392 mm, and with a self-levelling head, we immediately noted that the aluminium is designed with a lower silhouette that fits perfectly on the self-levelling head wings.

Once the stands are positioned on the ground and adjusted in height, simply and rapidly engage the Rail joists on the wings: the Balance head will automatically adjust the slope and, above Rail, we will position the new Top Rail AS Heads and the final flooring in ceramic or wood.


On the other hand, if we prefer creating our outdoor floor with the MegaMart Line supports, with a capacity of 1000 kg and a height ranging between 35 and 1020 mm, we can use the new Click Rail Head, which is applied directly to the support. In this case also, once the supports are positioned on the ground and the height is adjusted, simply place the Rail joists on the Click Rail Heads and, above them, place the Top Head AS Heads for the ceramic tiles or the wooden flooring directly.


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