Dreadnought Dark Heather Rustic clay plain roof tiles

by Dreadnought Tiles
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Product Name
Dreadnought Dark Heather Rustic clay plain roof tiles
Dreadnought Tiles
United Kingdom

Product Type

Roof Tiles
Ceramic roof tiles

Product Specs


Handcrafted clay roof tiles with a sanded textured surface to give a soft aesthetic to the roof. The natural clay colours are derived from the mineral content within the clay and without the use of surface stains or coloured sands, which produces a richness of colour on the roof that will last for generations.



Size 265 x 165mm

Weight 1.19kg

Material Etruria Marl clay

Colours A range of 7 sandfaced colours available (Staffordshire Blue, Dark Heather, Brown Antique, Brown Heather, Red Blue Blend, Country Brown and Red) all natural burnt Staffordshire clay colours, free from applied surface stains and coloured sands

Roof Pitch – 35 degrees

A range of ornamental tiles in 4 different shapes are also available.  Arrowhead, fishtail, spade and Club

A range of matching fittings and roofing components

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