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Espero was founded 77 years ago – 77 years in which we have gained ample experience and expertise in flexible layouts and spatial arrangements. During those years, Espero has expanded considerably: we are now an authoritative and internationally oper




ESPERO Mobile walls
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Espero was founded 77 years ago – 77 years in which we have gained ample experience and expertise in flexible layouts and spatial arrangements. During those years, Espero has expanded considerably: we are now an authoritative and internationally operating supplier and manufacturer of mobile wall systems. Our mobile walls have been used in a great number of projects, both large and small, involving restoration work and hypermodern interiors. Because we have six wall systems of our own (Sonico, Visio, Flexio, Visio 100, Vetro and Uno&Duplo) and because we represent Skyfold – the manufacturer of electrical vertical folding walls which are new to the Netherlands – Espero can offer an extensive range of options for any project that requires more from the arrangement of the space than just the square metres available.


The Espero Sonico consists of individual panels that are suspended from, and slide along, an overhead track. The panels can be pushed together and can interlock to form a wall. The panels are held by a self-supporting aluminium frame reinforced with steel and high-quality particle boards on both sides.

Acoustic integrity is achieved by the use of extendable pressure seals running along the top and bottom of the panels as well as with acoustic rubber seals running along the vertical sides and high-performance sound-absorbent materials that are used internally. The quality of the acoustic insulation is further enhanced by a sound-break between the frame and outer boards. A telescopic end-panel enables the wall to be locked vertically into position, completing the acoustic seal. The Sonico range is available with laboratory tested acoustic insulation with values from Rw = 37dB to 58 dB.

The patented Espero Quick system ensures that the pressure seals are extended and retracted with a single 90°-turn by using a removable operating handle. Once retracted, the panels can be moved effortlessly and quietly along the especially designed aluminium overhead track system. The flexible track-and-carrier system is easy to operate and allows walls to be positioned or parked in countless configurations. The Espero Sonico has been tested for sound reduction by internationally recognised test laboratories and has been awarded TUV Approval.

The Sonico mobile wall comes in four different versions: Type 85 - slim-line version with visible vertical aluminium profiles Type 100 - heavy-duty version with vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles Type 110 - more aesthetically-pleasing version with concealed aluminium profiles Type 120 - version with concealed aluminium profiles and the highest sound value of Rw = 58dB Type SA - semi-automatic version of Sonico mobile walls

Each panel can be finished to the client's specification. All finishes used in interior design can be applied, offering total creative freedom. Examples include: high-quality melamine, hard plastic laminate, vinyl, digital prints, mirrors, paint, steel sheets, acoustic boards and veneers which are stitched, glued and lacquered at Espero's own factory.

Key characteristics and benefits:

- Espero Sonico mobile walls can be positioned and put away easily, quickly and silently the configuration of the walls is limitless: straight, curved, ascending (auditorium), positioned around corners, etc. - all finishes in interior design can be applied - choice of four different types of Sonico walls: 85/100/110/120 - no maximum width restrictions - heights of up to 13 metres (other sizes available on request) - extensive choice of sound ratings, from 37dB to 58dB - choice of magnetic profiles for ultimate ease of panel location - track can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of ceiling - a fire resistant version is available on request

The brochure shows the Espero Sonico wall with single and double doors and walls with glass openings. Espero has completed many challenging and interesting projects. If a design requirement falls outside of Espero´s comprehensive range and vast experience, the R&D department will create the product to suit the client's specification.

Please order our documentation with solutions and technical information. You will also find all our other wall systems and many references. Our detailed specification service and project presentation is available on our website:

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