Extra Closures

  • space saving
  • elevated aesthetics
  • high quality
  • installation service option
  • customisation design support



Extra Closures

Product Specs

Concealed hinges
Opening types
Technical characteristics
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Product description

  • space saving
  • elevated aesthetics
  • high quality
  • installation service option
  • customisation design support

Extra Closures, is the system with flush-to-the-wall room-dividing closures and doors, conceived to offer the most suitable and practical solutions to contain and close off areas.

The most important characteristics of the Extra Closures are the solidity and sturdiness of the 35 mm thick panel. Indeed Extra Closures keep the hinged door structure unaltered (pull model), ideal to close off those technical compartments and blind corners typical of a home.

This makes this system perfect for cabinets, understairs, cupboards, storerooms, closets, wardrobes, bookshelves, console, Hi-Fi/ TV/ PC compartments, and many more applications. For these specific uses, the Extra Closures are more functional, solid and feature better capacity compared to other Linvisibile products, without configuring as doors. Of course, the perfect continuity with the wall and its ‘invisibility’ remain unaltered and typical of Linvisibile system.

Technical features and details

Extra Closures consist of:

– An extruded aluminium frame (EN AW 6060 allow, anticorodal 063), hinged door pull model. Adaptable to all traditional wall and plasterboard thickness; supplied with concealed hinges, case in nylon, handles and plates in sanitised stainless steel, protected by PVC capsules.

– a panel with hollow-core structure, 35 mm thick, ennobled, edges excluded, without stop, directly paintable. Thanks to its high versatility the panel is the best basis product available for many finishes.

“Panel with hollow-core structure”

Dimensions and personalizations

Extra Closures are available in single leaf and twin-leaf models (placed side by side or superimposed). The single leaf model is available in the following sizes:

width: from 400 to 800 mm (clear width)

height: from 600 to 2300 mm (clear width)

In sizes up to 1900 mm height, the panel has a straightening element, which highlights the light moulding of its seat on the side not flush to the wall.

The wide range of panel sizes underlines our will to offer a product which differs in its purpose from that of a traditional door, as it is fully devotes to contain, close, and cover equipment compartments, dead or services areas.

Extra Closures can be directly painted with water based paints or enamels and used with a large number of finishes.

No coatings can be applied on the panel external side.

However, a mirror can be affixed to the inner side, not flush to the wall. In such a case, the request must be pointed our when ordering the system so that a reinforced frame can be fitted (mirrors are not included in the supply).


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