Flat Moon Eclips

by Modular Lighting Instruments
  • Available with a diameter of 650mm and 950mm
  • Perfect for large public spaces
  • Surface, recessed or suspended mounted
  • Excellent CRI



Product Name
Flat Moon Eclips
Modular Lighting Instruments
Modular Lighting Instruments

Product Type

Interior Lighting
Ceiling Lamps and Pendants

Product Specs

Light source
Metal, Aluminium
Black range
White range
  • Available with a diameter of 650mm and 950mm
  • Perfect for large public spaces
  • Surface, recessed or suspended mounted
  • Excellent CRI

The new Flat Moon is a total Eclips of its past

Luminous. Voluminous. And totally in tune with us. The new Flat Moon Eclips aligns perfectly with Modular’s minimalist design principles. But the way it illuminates large rooms will have you seeing hospitality spaces and high-ceilinged residences in a whole new light...

New magic in the Moon light

At first glance, the new Flat Moon Eclips looks a lot like the original Flat Moon: a large, circular shape with organically rounded edges, inspired by its cosmic namesake. Like its predecessor, it’s also sized in diameters of 650mm and 950mm — designed for general lighting applications in large public spaces. But it’s here that the similarities end. Because while the original Flat Moon’s front side is one big diffuser, Flat Moon Eclips includes a large metal disc in the centre — an ‘eclips’ that transforms the high potency glare of uniform, functional light into a softer, mesmerizingly pleasant ring of radiance.

All glow, no glare

Make no mistake, Flat Moon Eclips still distributes a big volume of light that diffuses in every direction — perfect for large spaces. But unlike the original Flat Moon with its bold circle of light, the Eclips illuminates in a soft, subtle, radius, more suited to places where people want to be bathed in radiance. High-end hospitality venues, premium retail environments and art galleries — where the aesthetic quality of the light is as important as its functional output. And that includes residential homes; because the light the Flat Moon Eclips distributes is never harsh or overwhelming, it’s equally at home in more personal surroundings, where space allows. With a high CRI and a range of different CCTs, the Flat Moon Eclips is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, with 1/10V DALI or push dimmable options. This is broad spectrum lighting at its unsurpassed best.

Surface, recessed or suspended

Striking in white or bold in black, Flat Moon Eclips can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, recessed into it, or suspended using either a straight or triangular suspension kit. Combined in surface multiples, or hung in clusters of different sizes, these sculptural forms elevate to the status of artworks, bringing an uplifting elegance to their surrounding space. Moreover, the contrast of the translucent light ring and opaque eclips disc makes for an eye-catching centrepiece, even when not illuminated. Whether they’re on or off, you can’t help but look up moonstruck.

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