by Ströher
  • Completely frost-resistant
  • Easy maintenance and hygienic
  • Fire and glowproof



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Facade cladding
Brick cladding

Product Specs

Black range
Red range
Yellow range
Brown range
White range

Keravette gives a facade a new unmistakeable and individual look. No wonder the word “facade“ has been adopted from the Italian word “faccia“ meaning “face”.

24 beautiful colour tones, numerous formats and glazed or unglazed surfaces give you a nearly unlimited choice of options. So each facade quite easily becomes unmistakeable.

The material thickness of 8 and 11 mm means this classic among clinker brick slips is not only light but, thanks to the especially high firing temperature, it is also extremely robust. Together with modern thermal insulation, they are also hard to resist when it comes to price.

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Brick cladding
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Brick cladding

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