Lamberts Mouth-Blown Glass

by Bendheim
  • Humanizing Character: True artisanal hand-made glass
  • Vast Color Palette: 500 in-stock varieties
  • Safety: Available in laminated (safety) form



Product Name
Lamberts Mouth-Blown Glass

Product Type

Architectural glass
Decorative glass
Glazed partitions

Product Specs

Glass types

The result of unsurpassed craftsmanship, mouth-blown Lamberts glass is a trademark of its own. The body of the glass, its special texture, transparency and glowing colors mark the unmistakable Lamberts identity. Lamberts glass can only be produced through the art of glassblowing. Glashütte Lamberts continues to adhere to these very old and deep-rooted traditions. Tools and methods of production have remained basically the same through the centuries. The quality of the glass, however, meets or exceeds the highest standards of today.


The Glashütte Lamberts’ genuine commitment to sustainable products: Lamberts has been practicing its own strict environmental policies since the 1970s, years before Germany established industry-wide regulations for environmental protection. It is one of the first glass factories to install sophisticated air-filtration equipment reducing air pollution. Lamberts’ flue-gas filters capture and eliminate heavy metal emissions produced during the glass-melting process. The main raw materials (sand, soda and limestone) are sourced from regional companies to reduce the final product’s carbon footprint. Lamberts’ most recent efforts to improve the firing technology of its furnaces further increase efficiency and conserve energy.

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