Metalic Glass shards Individual Creation®


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Product Description A solvent-free decorative coating composed of a filler and binders in aqueous dispersion. The resulting decorative surface is very resistant to abrasion and occasional impacts. The product is available in numerous colours w

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Product Name
Metalic Glass shards Individual Creation®

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Wall covering
Decorative wall cladding and Decorative architectural elements

Data Sheets – Individual Creation®


Product Description A solvent-free decorative coating composed of a filler and binders in aqueous dispersion. The resulting decorative surface is very resistant to abrasion and occasional impacts. The product is available in numerous colours which are fully inter-miscible.

Range of Applications Weatherproof decorative coating. High abrasion and impact resistance on indoor and outdoor substrates like concrete, lime plaster, cement plaster, aerated concrete, particle boards, fibre-cement boards... Intended for wall spaces in hotels, night clubs, restaurants, living-rooms, public places...

Substrate It is essential that the substrate be perfectly planar, dry, non-crumbly and free of dust and grease. As for shuttered concrete, any trace of release agents must be carefully removed. Lime and cement coatings must be free from any trace of alkalinity. Any lightly crumbling substrate must be sealed with products compatible with its structure. Do not apply on surfaces sealed with silicone based primers or rendered water repellent with products containing silicone agents. Regardless of its composition old paint must be removed either by scraping it off or sanding it or with the use of chemical paint strippers. In that case it is essential that the substrate be thoroughly rinsed with water and then gently brushed. Where the substrate is not even enough (with bumps or hollows exceeding 1 mm across 10 cm) it is essential that a skim coat be thoroughly applied. Any undercoat or skim coat colour variation will adversely affect the uniformity of the final surface. Substrate preparations and controls are subject to the requirements of the DIN 18350 standard.

Packaging All our products are packaged in 5, 10 and 20 kg hermetically sealed buckets. ATTENTION: KEEP PRODUCTS FROM FREEZING.

Storage 12 months maximum from the date of manufacture. Products must be stored in their original packaging in a closed place away from light. Room temperature must not drop below 5°C (freezing conditions) and exceed 20°C (risk of excessive product pressure resulting in the break up of the lid).

Application Preparation works and application conditions under the DIN 18350 Standard Thoroughly mix the product before using it with a slow mixer or a trowel. Mixing time must not exceed two minutes. Consistency may be adjusted with a moderate addition of water (4% maximum). At any rate, the expertise of the contractor appointed to carry out the application of the product must be taken into account. Apply the product with a stainless steel finishing trowel. The average thickness of the coating must be approximately one-and-a-half times that of the grain. Always work wet-in-wet when joining surfaces during the application so as to avoid excess thickness. Setting time is 3 days approximately. Full curing time is 2 weeks approximately. Do not apply our products with a temperature of less than +8°C. Surfaces resulting from the application must be protected from any form of humidity by adequate means until they are fully cured (2 weeks approximately). In outdoor conditions surfaces must be covered so as to be protected from rain.

Consumption: 4.5 to 5.5 kg/m² depending on the porosity of the substrate (slate excepted). Consumption data stem from empirical data. However, it may vary according to the nature of the substrate and the thickness of the application.

IMPORTANT: During the application the finishing trowel must be frequently rinsed with water.

Special Requirements In order to achieve consistency throughout the work, only buckets of the same manufacturing batch must be used. The product must be mixed slowly and thoroughly as heating the binders may adversely affect its technical characteristics. In addition, it would initiate an abrasion of the grains which constitute the filler. This may result in visible differences in hue after curing completion. Make sure the substrate is protected from any rising damp. Otherwise a whitish veil will inexorably appear as the coating cures. Residual moisture levels in raw concrete substrates must be below 2.5% (levels must be checked with a precision device). The full curing time of the coating being quite long, walls must be appropriately protected from accidental impacts and any form of adverse weather (freezing conditions, rain, excessive sunlight, very strong winds, etc.). The DIN 18558 standard and the resin artificial surfaces company’s instructions along with the BFS' instructions (Federal Act on colours’ protection and integrity) must be abided by.

Safety Instructions Work with gloves and goggles on. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash splashes from skin immediately. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately and thoroughly with water and seek medical advice. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Additional information: see the Safety Data Sheet.

Reference Documents

DIN 18350 Standard DIN 18558 Standard

Disclaimer The information hereby provided is based on our best knowledge. However, in these instructions we may only provide guidance of a general nature as to the products and their applications. Fluctuations and variations may occur depending on working methods, surfaces, features specific to an object and weather conditions. Because of possible modifications and additions these instructions remain valid for only three months as from delivery.


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