Monroe | Wall-Mount Vapor-Fire Fireplace

by CF + D | custom fireplace design
  • No combustible issues
  • No venting required
  • No emissions
  • No safety liabilities
  • 100% efficient



Product Name
Monroe | Wall-Mount Vapor-Fire Fireplace
CF + D | custom fireplace design
CF + D | custom fireplace design

Product Type

Interior accessories
Other interior accessories

Product Specs


Paint Finish

Paint Finish
All fireplaces come in standard/factory black matte finish. Custom colors and patina finishes are available. Custom anchor options available.


Fireplace Body Width
31 inches
Flue Pipe Measurements
7 inches X 9 inches
Flue Cover Measurements
8 inches X 10 inches • Minimum 9 ft. ceiling application. Custom flue lengths available.

Fuel Types

Fuel Types Available
Vapor-Fire (water), Natural Gas (certified), and Propane (certified)

Vapor-Fire options

Option 1
Plumbed-In to main source water line, ½“ reduced to ¼“ factory set connection.
Option 2
Removable 1L container for manual fill approx. 8-10 hour burn time.

Other specifications

Gauge of Steel
0.125 inches thick
Type of Steel
Hot rolled and cold rolled.
Electrical Requirements
120 Volt 15 Amp-GFCI. Switch power on wall.


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The VITA Fireplaces Monroe | Wall-Mount Fireplace offers an exquisite design for a stunning accent to any wall. The distinctive character and diamond shape are sure to demand attention while the augmented reality flame effect produced by the Vapor-Fire technology provides the ambiance of a real fire using regular tap water as its fuel source. The 100% operating efficiency of our VITA Fireplaces provides a green alternative for sustainable building requirements, along with optimizing space within the specified environment.


Each fireplace is hand-crafted by our talented craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail when manufacturing our artistic designs for hospitality, commercial, luxury home, and restaurant projects. With ease of installation, freedom from venting requirements and no heat concerns, the benefits of VITA Fireplaces can be enjoyed year-round.


Ask about our custom options including anchor plate, paint/patina finishes, and much more. Get your project started with CF + D | custom fireplace design today. Our creative design solutions are waiting.


Quality.      Creativity.      Innovation.

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