Pharos Interior

by Leenders
  • Ceiling suspended fire place
  • Open fire
  • Turnable fire place, 360 degrees



Pharos Interior

Product Type

Fireplaces and Stoves

Product description

  • Ceiling suspended fire place
  • Open fire
  • Turnable fire place, 360 degrees

Pharos Interior is a floating room sculpture. Fixed to the ceiling with a special construction. Made to measure. Pharos Interior is our only fireplace with an open combustion chamber. So there is no glass between you and the fire. The included spark screen guarantees a safe fire.

For a good view on the fire Pharos Interior is rotatable up to 360°. When placed in front of a wall 2×60° is possible.


The cast aluminium casing makes Pharos Interior unique in our collection. This cast aluminium is of exceptional quality and gives the casing a soft surface.


The Pharos Interior has polished cast aluminium shell parts, it is true craftsmanship. Craftsmanship by Theo.

Theo works the shell parts layer by layer until he achieves a polished surface. A task that takes him almost 2 full days.

We go to all this effort, because we want to emphasize the material from which the Pharos is made: aluminium.

Discolouration of the material takes place as the aluminium is cast, and they appear during polishing. Theo removes as many of these discolorations as possible, while retaining the strength of the metal.

If you run your hand over the polished aluminium, you can feel traces of Theo’s efforts and if you look really closely, you can even see some of the discolorations. Just as we intended them to be.


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