The new Centerpiece of the Office Life

by Steelcase
  • Painted and polished aluminum legs
  • Optional leg ring finishes in Chrome, Black Chrome or Copper
  • Customizable details allow each setting to be personalized
  • Rectangular, boat, round and square shapes available
  • Seamless technology integration with hallow legs that make cables disappear



Product Name
The new Centerpiece of the Office Life

Product Type

Meeting tables

A refreshing antidote to the conventional conference-room table. Designed for creative collaborators, Potrero415 is an accessible gathering point, a centerpiece at the vanguard of a new standard of craft in today’s office.


Create inspiring settings – from open-plan casual to conference-room formal – with a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Potrero415 supports all the ways your people work: inside or outside a meeting room, sitting or standing, for long sessions or short bursts of creative energy.


The patented Potrero415 framework and leg system supports tops that can span impressive lengths. Technology is quietly accommodated with tabletop connectivity options, an under-table central trough and hollow legs that make cables disappear. Beautiful, durable, relevant, Potrero415 is the new centerpiece of office life.

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