ROCKPANEL® Brilliant

by Rockpanel
  • European Fire classification A2-s1,d0
  • Low-maintenance
  • Cradle to cradle product
  • Lifetime of > 50 years



Product Name
ROCKPANEL® Brilliant

Product Type

Facade cladding
Stone cladding

Product Specs

Stone, Natural stone - Basalt
Grey range
Red range
Blue range
Orange range
Brown range
Technical characteristics
Ventilated facades


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Rockpanel® Brilliant in 16 sparkling designs

Every building has its own story through its form, structure and colours, and often it is Rockpanel façade cladding that inspires architects to give their design a distinctive character. The Rockpanel Brilliant series and its 16 designs offer unlimited aesthetic possibilities to let your building blend into the environment or to make a bold statement.

The broad design range of the Rockpanel Brilliant series ranges from natural brown, aubergine or green hues through cooler colours like grey or blue and on to a dominant red or orange, which provide inspiration and support innovative design concepts. All the sparkling surfaces offering an astounding play of colours. Sunlight or artistic spotlighting further enhances the radiance of any façade clad with these panels.

Fire-safe without aesthetic compromises

With the façade boards from the Rockpanel Brilliant series architectural visions can be realised with the guarantee of optimum fire safety, because the boards are also available in the fire-safe A2 (FS-Xtra) grade. Applied on an aluminium or steel supporting structure and fixed with blind rivets, the application of the A2 boards, in combination with mineral wool insulation, meets the requirements for European fire class A2-s1, d0 and can be classified as non-combustible according to national building regulations. This means that they can also be used for buildings where greater fire safety is needed or preferred, such as in high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals and nursing homes .

Low-maintenance, robust and self-cleaning

All Rockpanel boards are weather and temperature-resistant and therefore very easy to maintain. The Rockpanel Brilliant boards come as standard with a ProtectPlus finish, which makes the boards self-cleaning. Dirt will be washed away by rain water. The coating also improves the boards’ UV resistance, resulting in the period of colourfastness being extended further still. Dirt or paint or even graffiti can be removed from boards with ProtectPlus finish by using a solvent such as turpentine or with the special Rockpanel Graffiti Cleaner.

The perfectly fitting suit for every building

Rockpanel facade cladding can be curved and shaped easily without special pre-treatment, so they adapt flexibly to the contours of every structural shell. The boards can be cut on site with standard wood working tools. Depending on the substructure and desired fixings, it can be both fastened with screws, nails or rivets and adhesively bonded. Rockpanel Brilliant boards are non-directional, ensuring minimal waste and installation times.

Recommended for sustainable building

Rockpanel is the first cladding manufacturer to receive a European Environmental Product Declaration (ECO-EPD) from BRE Global, an independent third party approvals body offering certification of fire, security and sustainability products and services. This ECO-EPD confirms for Rockpanel that amongst others the façade boards of the „Brilliant“ series comply with EN 15804, an environmental norm for construction products and systems. Already in 2010 BRE Global acknowledged that the low-maintenance Rockpanel façade boards meet the highest A+ and A environmental performance ratings for the installed product on the basis of their Life Cycle Assessment. This confirmed that the fully recyclable Rockpanel façade cladding is the responsible choice in every sustainable construction project.

An inspiring video as well as an overview of the deliverable Rockpanel Brilliant designs and dimensions, but also references to their physical characteristics can be found under

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