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Schüco Façade AF UDC 80

  • Energy-efficient system at passive house level with Uf values as low as 0.86 W/(m²K).
  • Maximum transparency with unit dimensions of up to 3000 mm x 4000 mm.
  • Maximum unit weights of up to 1000 kg.
  • Extensive system testing in accordance with European test standards
  • Enables maximum design flexibility also for project-specific unitised façade constructions.



Product Name
Schüco Façade AF UDC 80

Product Type

Facade systems
Curtain walls

Product Specs

Metal, Aluminium
Glass types
Double glazed
Triple glazed
Quadruple glazed
Technical characteristics

Dynamic Schüco AF UDC 80 façade system platform – high level of design freedom for creating individual buildings with unitised constructions.

The Schüco AF UDC 80 (unitised dynamic construction) façade is part of the Schüco AF UDC 80 façade system range, which enables projects to be built as unitised constructions with a wide range of design options.

Scalable and tested system components form the basis for varied application options for the system as well as efficient planning and fabrication. This flexibility with maximum system reliability likewise facilitates optimum use of system components for adapted project-specific unitised façade constructions.

The product portfolio of the Schüco AF UDC 80 façade comprises various design options with a framed appearance. Maximum façade transparency can be achieved with a continuously narrow profile face width of 80 mm. Cover caps are available as design options; these enable a visually reduced face width of just 65 mm – with a consistently high load-bearing structure. This means that large-format unit dimensions of 3000 x 4000 and maximum unit weights of up to 1000 kg are possible.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Schüco AF UDC 80 façade sets new standards with Uf values as low as 0.86 W/m²K including screw factor.

Another benefit of the system is the high degree of design freedom. Opaque unit sections can be designed with a variety of different materials such as sheet metal, printed glass and natural stone. These can be integrated either flush or cantilevered in the façade unit to create deep offsets using system attachment components.

In conjunction with the concealed Schüco ZIP Design Screen textile sun shading that is stable in windy conditions and has guide tracks integrated in the profile, cooling loads can be reduced in the building while maintaining the attractive façade architecture.

Where floor-to-ceiling opening units are used, the required safety barrier loading is achieved by means of a transparent, profile-integrated spandrel safety barrier, which blends in seamlessly and attractively into the unitised façade appearance, without interrupting the profile.

The Schüco AF UDC 80 façade can be combined with the Schüco AF UDC 80 CV, which has a concealed projected top-hung or parallel-opening vent. In addition, a wide range of different Schüco AWS windows and Schüco ADS doors through to the super-insulated Schüco AWS 114.SI series is available for the use of opening units in the load-bearing structure.

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