SP200 Staircase system

by Steelpro
  • Certified aluminium profile system
  • Integrated glass balustrade
  • Various design possibilities
  • Delivery in prefabricated parts, short lead times
  • No hot works needed, assembly by bolting



SP200 Staircase system

Product Specs

Glass types
Wooden steps
Metal steps
Concrete steps
Stone steps
Other steps

Product description

  • Certified aluminium profile system
  • Integrated glass balustrade
  • Various design possibilities
  • Delivery in prefabricated parts, short lead times
  • No hot works needed, assembly by bolting

Contemporary stylish all-glass railing staircase challenges conventional steel alternatives.

SP200 is Steelpro’s own unique staircase fabrication technology. Most of the product is manufactured from aluminium by extrusion and, for this reason, it is easy and light to handle and install. The profile technology ensures the high quality of the parts, neatness of the joints and effortless installing.

The SP200 stair system can be used to construct straight, L-shaped and U-shaped stairs. The intermediate landings of L- and U-shaped solutions are also manufactured from aluminium, making them easier and lighter to handle in confined stair openings than steel ones. We provide strength calculations upon request. 

Freedom of choice in materials and styles

All our aluminium profiles in stock are anodised to their natural colour. Regarding painting technology, we use powder coating, which best suits aluminium. When considering the colour scheme of the stairs only your imagination and the RAL Classic colour chart set the limits.  

One of the greatest advantages of our stairs, regarding customising, is the diverse surface selection for the steps. As the step profile is shaped like a cup, any surface material can be fitted into it, for example parquet, tile, laminate or even vinyl.

Also the face plate of the stairs can be modified to enable both open and closed stair solutions.

When installed outdoors, the step cup is usually cast full. Our stairs are suited to both indoor and outdoor use and they do not include any rusting components.

The SP200 system uses only frameless full-glass railing. The glass offers several possibilities for personalising the staircase. The glass can be sand-blasted, etched, silkscreen printed or now also digitally printed with patterns or shapes. It is also possible to shade the entire glass.

Diverse handrails introduce the finishing touch. When the surface material of the steps is oak, the logical choice of handrail is the round oak handrail on top of the glass or on handrail brackets.

Our selection of handrail materials includes oak, aluminium and stainless steel. Further information about our handrails and alternatives are available at the end of this brochure.

JKMM Architects, Helsinki, Finland

This staircase project was carried out in the new office of JKMM Architects in Helsinki, Finland in 2015. The two straight aluminium staircases with closed type steps interconnected free floors of the JKMM architectural practice, which dwells in the renovated office building designed by Raoul Lehmann in 1978. 

The stairs are characterised by the extra-long straight 7.2 m reinforced stringers with the integrated all-glass balustrade. Using the SP200 stair system allowed to connect visionally and functionally three consecutive floors inside the building and to carry the project out easily resulting in a very modern final outlook. The frameless glass balustrade of the stairs is connected to the LK63 glass balustrade system surrounding the stair opening.

 The stair opening unites all three floors visually and composes the central meeting location of the office and creates the feeling of community. 


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