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Subway Infinity (with ViPrint)

by Villeroy & Boch AG
  • Easy and save installation
  • Customizable
  • Great design freedom
  • Individualisation
  • Anti-slip shower trays



Product Name
Subway Infinity (with ViPrint)
Villeroy & Boch AG

Product Type

Shower Trays and Showers
Accessible bathrooms
Accessible showers

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My shower. My look. With this motto, Villeroy & Boch presents a new design concept for the ceramic Subway Infinity shower trays which makes the shower area a highlight in the bathroom, stylish and individual. Whether newly interpreted classics, graphic designs, popular tile patterns or natural looks, the innovative ViPrint digital printing technology makes decors possible that offer completely new design possibilities for the shower area. ViPrint combines all the colours and designs that were previously only possible with tiled showers, with the out-standing care and cleaning potential of a seamless shower surface that is free from gaps and joints. In addition, the Class A (PN12) anti-slip finish ensures safe standing in the wet area. 9 different decors are available, all characterised by a high degree of colour stability, for shower trays in 19 commercially available sizes. Custom sizes and dimensions are also available. All Subway Infinity shower trays can be installed flush and level in the bathroom floor.


SUBWAY INFINITY (with ViPrint) Subway Infinity is the new ceramic shower tray by Villeroy & Boch that can be cut to size. It is available in customised dimensions and can even be adapted to fit complex layouts, with columns, corners or projections. With the help of the completely new ViPrint décors, the shower tray can be designed to match Villeroy & Boch floor tiles. Fitting flush with the matching tiles, the Subway Infinity rimless shower tray is the ideal addition to any modern bathroom.


VIPRINT – GIVING SHOWERS A NEW LOOK With ViPrint, Villeroy & Boch introduces completely new options for personalised bathroom design. With the innovative technology, the décor of the most popular Villeroy & Boch tile collections can be applied to the Subway Infinity shower tray. In this way, the ViPrint décors create a uniform look and an almost seamless transition between the shower tray and floor surface. Offering anti-slip class PN12, the ViPrint décors also provide greater safety.


EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION Three different installation methods: Whatever the size, each shower tray can be fitted flush, which is perfect for barrier-free entry. The two surface-mounted variants are possible for selected models. The ViPrint models are only suitable for flush-fit installation.


GREATER DESIGN FREEDOM With a large number of models in 26 sizes, Subway Infinity offers individual design possi¬bilities with special dimensions and forms. On request, each model can be precisely cut with millimetre accuracy to any size between 1600 x 1000 and 800 x 750 mm. And customised special shapes are also possible, too. The Subway Infinity shower tray ensures a precise fit and becomes an integral part of the bathroom design – even with columns, projections and unusual angles.

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