Swap Dim to Warm

by Arkoslight S.L.
  • 1. Add-on extra bezel
  • 2. Super CRI
  • 3. Dim to Warm
  • 4. Highly efficinent
  • 5. Visual comfort



Product Name
Swap Dim to Warm
Rubén Saldaña
Arkoslight S.L.

Product Type

Interior Lighting
Ceiling Lamps and Spotlights

Product Specs

Light source
Lighting type
Metal, Aluminium
Plastic, Polyamide - Polycarbonate
Black range
Red range
Gold range
White range
Protection class
  • 1. Add-on extra bezel
  • 2. Super CRI
  • 3. Dim to Warm
  • 4. Highly efficinent
  • 5. Visual comfort

Swap, designed by Arkoslight’s Head of Design, Rubén Saldaña, features a minimalist, elegant aesthetic. Its setback reflector provides a high degree of visual comfort. When lit, it has a ‘trimless’ effect and integrates perfectly with the architecture, as the bezel creates a minimalist style. Available in white, black, gold and red colours, without any loss in light efficiency or contamination in the colour of light emitted.

Swap is available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) and includes an optional accessory to extend the bezel and replace old light fittings without altering the ceiling or having to repaint. Swap is the best option for updating to LED, by integrating the LED into the light fixture, compared with retrofit replacement lamps that only update the source of light.

The DIM to Warm tuning technology (now available on Swap) is a method for synchronized modulation of light intensity and colour temperature.

Within the CCT limits of this lighting fixture, it provides the coldest temperature at 100% of its luminous flux.

As the intensity fades, the luminaire changes the color temperature to more pleasing values. When the setting reaches the minimum luminous flux, the luminaire is able to provide the warmest colour temperature.

This effect is similar to the behaviour of the traditional halogen bulbs when submitted to intensity variations.


Colour: Matt white / White-Black / Matt black / Aluminium / Red / Gold

Light source: LED

Gross luminous flux: 640 Lm / 675 Lm / 700 Lm / 710 Lm / 770 Lm / 800 Lm / 820 Lm / 910 Lm / 940 Lm / 960 Lm

Power: 5 W / 6 W / 7 W

Colour temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / Dim to warm 3000 - 1800K

Colour Rendering Index: CRI>97 / CRI>90

Chromatic stability: Mac Adam Step 2 / Mac Adam Step 3

Light beam angle: 33° / 36° 

Lighting efficiency: 58% / 64% / 68% / 71% / 72% / 74% / 76% / 77%/ 78% / 80% / 81% / 86%

Dimming: No Dim, DALI / Push, Phase Cut

LED lifespan: L80B10 (Tj=85°C) >60.000h / L80B20 (Tj=85°C) >55.000h

Sealing: IP20 / IP54

Recess measurements: Ø62mm

Materials: Aluminium / Polycarbonate

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