Swisspearl Largo – freedom of design without limits

by Swisspearl - Building envelopes and living spaces
  • Sustainable product made using natural components
  • Long-lasting reliability incl. 20 year warranty
  • High standards for design and esthetics (Swiss quality)
  • Extensive selection of surface options - unlimited design possibilities
  • Architectural flexibility and timeless materials



Product Name
Swisspearl Largo – freedom of design without limits
Swisspearl - Building envelopes and living spaces

Product Type

Facade cladding
Concrete cladding

Product Specs

Concrete and cement, Cement - Fiber cement
Grey range
Black range
Red range
Yellow range
Blue range
Green range


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The panel – Swisspearl Largo

The large-format Swisspearl Largo panels give façades what they need: a face, individuality, character, texture, color, and most important, a highly effective protective layer. Swisspearl Largo allows an immense range of possibilities for the design of façades, with an extensive selection of surface options, various types of joints, fastenings, and panel formats that can be freely selected within the maximum useable size. For visible creativity and to meet the highest aesthetic requirements, in proven Swisspearl quality.


The color – Swisspearl Largo Vintago

The mineral material of fiber cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural authentic, lively and unique look. The sanding process using a coarse grit produces a natural, raw surface that highlights the original purity of the fiber cement panels. In an interplay between light and shadow, characteristic irregularities and nuances in tone accentuate the uniqueness of each product.


Vintago is a through colored fiber cement panel. Selection of size, cut and color offers a full range of combinations. This gives both the exterior and interior of a building a multifaceted and esthetically beautiful look. The large-format Vintago panels offer architects and builders numerous benefits and special features.


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