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Product Name
Boston Valley Terra Cotta
Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Product Type

Facade cladding
Ceramic cladding
Wall covering
Wall panels and cladding
Tile flooring
Ceramic floor tiles

Product Specs

Ceramic, Terracotta
Technical characteristics
Ventilated facades


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Our TerraClad® team specializes in providing turnkey solutions in both the panel and sunshade systems to bring a designer’s goal to fruition. Bringing us to the table early in the design process will enable us to assist you and create a path for shared success.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s ceramic rain screen cladding system provides benefits above and beyond conventional masonry cavity wall systems. In addition to the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to any ceramic cladding, the TerraClad® system incorporates ship-lapped open joints that shield the structural wall from wind-driven rain and snow while also ventilating the airspace to mitigate mold and mildew growth. Our various track systems give us the flexibility to select that which provides greatest installation ease when considering your design. Beyond the functionality of the system, the plasticity of terra cotta offers profile opportunities to designers not available in alternate rain screen cladding materials.

Ceramic cladding
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Ceramic cladding

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