Vanceva® Illusion White

by Eastman
  • Create private yet elegant spaces by specifying just the right light transmittance
  • Offer different levels of translucency for the perfect play of light and opacity
  • Translucent transitioning effect in glazing without ceramic frits, paints, or printing
  • The Vanceva White Collection can be combined with other Vanceva interlayers
  • Three ranges : Vanceva Cool White, Vanceva Artic Snow and Vanceva Polar White



Product Name
Vanceva® Illusion White

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Architectural glass
Other glass

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Technical characteristics


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Modern building designs emphasize liberal use of glass. Meanwhile, building owners and occupants demand comfort—including reduced ambient noise. However, sound transmission is greatest through glazing made with ordinary window glass. This is especially a challenge for designers and engineers developing urban projects along highways, railroads, and airports. The answer is not less glass but new glazing materials, such as Saflex® acoustic interlayers with proven sound-dampening performance.

While laminated glass with standard PVB interlayers provides noise reduction capabilities compared to ordinary glass, the new Saflex® Q PVB is a superior solution for architects specifying glazing systems requiring even higher levels of acoustic comfort.

Saflex Q is an advanced, three-layer system designed to decouple and disseminate sound waves for superior sound dampening performance. This patented system targets sounds in the 1000–3000 Hz range, which is the most sensitive range of human hearing.

Saflex Q is suitable for both exterior and exterior applications and is combinable with Vanceva® color PVB interlayers.

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