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Foundation is the base of building structure that has the potentiality to transfer the gravity loads to the earth. As per the ancient knowledge, it has been assumed that a taller building needs to have a stronger foundation to stand for long run. It possesses the potentiality to transmit and distributes its own weight and load imposed to the soil in finished manner that doesnot allow the load-bearing capacity of foundation to exceed. It is considered that the solid ground on which the foundation rests is called as foundation bed.

Foundation is categorized into two categories that are shallow foundation and deep foundation. Shallow foundation transfers load to the nearer surface. In this case, the depth of the foundation bed needs to be five times lesser than the width of the foundation. Shallow foundation is further categorized into isolated, combined, cantilever, raft and wall footings. Whereas, deep foundation is discovered to be deep into the ground surface because of which the load bearing capacity doesnot affect the surface condition. This foundation is usually laid down at a depth of 3 meters below ground level. Fundamentally, it is even known as pile foundation which is further classified into end bearing piles and friction piles. The products related to the creation of foundation are available in vivid options with bestowed with perfectness and longevity performance.

This construction serves as another major function to prevent the differential settlement and provide stability to the construction. Foundation is laid down after digging a trench in the ground which goes deeper and later stops with the exposure of subsoil. After the completion of digging process, hard and strong material is poured into the trench to strengthen the foundation and addition of long thin round pieces of steel in the trench acts as bonus which helps to lay the foundation tightly about 1.50 meters deeper. The foundation need to be highly efficient to take up the load of entire building therefore, the foundation are too strong and durable to last for years after years.

As far as maintenance and repair is concerned, a good and strong foundation does not require it and allow the building to stand even after nature havocs. Well built foundations are capable to keep the building safe from every sort of calamites such as earthquake, floods, etc. The foundation need to possess the capacity to keep away the ground moist from seeping into the foundation which may lead to weakening of the structure.

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