All About Listellos

A listello is a band of border tiles which provides a visual break in within a larger area of tiling. It can be compared to lath, which is a thin strip of wood or metal which sits horizontally between building materials. A single tile is usually rectangular in shape, manufactured in wide variety of colors and patterns and are held together by fabric mesh on its back. These generally have an interlocking pattern which gives the tiles a three dimensional appearance. These come in a range of materials like ceramic, stone, porcelain and metals. Listellos are the best approach to add an enhancing component without overdoing the interior space.

The most important function of listellos is that these provide an interesting pattern or outline an expanse of tiles which otherwise give a monotonous look. Listellos can be incorporated into floor tiles as well as wall tiling. A listello can be positioned along a flight of stairs, a kitchen backsplash or even on a roof ceiling. They can also be used to frame another set of tiles or provide a decorative finish. Listellos are easy to lay and highly customizable at the same time.  

The listello industry offers a wide range of different types. This includes materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, slate to a combination of stone and glass. The choice is boundless. Listellos comes in rectangular shapes and a wide range of dimensions. Handmade listellos are also available in market, which with their slight imperfectives give a distinctive appeal. There is no dearth of listello patterns which can accentuate an interior without overwhelming the space.

To preserve the natural beauty of tiles for years, it is highly recommended that listellos be cleaned using a non-acidic, anti-bacterial cleaner. Daily maintenance includes dusting and moping with a floor cleanser. For periodic maintenance, there are formulas which can remove what daily damp wiping, sweeping or damp mopping leaves behind. The easiest way to check if the tiles need to be re-sealed is to spray water on the surface. If water is absorbed and doesn’t bead on surface, sealing has to be done in a proper way. For unexpected cracking, rehabilitation can be done by removing the broken tile and any extra grout and then replacing the tile with a new one. It is always advised to save an extra box of tiles as an identical one may not be available after a long period from the actual installation.

Listello insets are not just another set of tiles. Opting for these rich, textured, multi-dimensional architectural elements adds interest to any interior.