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All About Pipes and Fittings


A pipe is a tubular section that carries flowing substances such as liquids and gases, powders or solids. It can be made from many different types of material such as ceramic, glass, fiberglass, concrete and plastic etc. A fitting is used to connect the pipe or tubing sections through various connection methods for regulating fluid flow. In other words, pipe fittings are components which join sections of pipe together or with other components to regulate the flow. Thus, pipe fittings make the pipes more functional by assisting in directing the flow of liquid, gas or steam. These are available in wide range such as a tee or branch, an elbow, reducer/enlarger etc.


Pipes and fittings together constitute a plumbing system assigned for different purposes and functions. Pipes are simple or straight but fittings can be complex, though both come in different sizes. Pipes are generally used in fluid transport including lifting, transporting, distributing liquid, compressed gases/air, chemicals and hazardous wastes. Pipes are also used for architectural applications, delivery of fluids and solids in a process plant. Both pipes and fittings are used for wide range of applications including household, commercial and automotive industries. Pipes and fittings are very beneficial and effective in numerous industries.


There are various options of pipe and fittings available in the market which are based on the material used and applications. Pipes are segmented into steel, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic and PVC pipes. Fittings are classified as coupling, tee, valves, elbow, plug, cross, closet-flange, clean out etc. Thus, both pipes and fittings have a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Any breakdown in pipes or fittings requires high maintenance cost. Pipes are joined through the process of welding or by the threaded pipe and fittings; sticking the connection through a thread compound, Polytetrafluoroethylene Thread, plumber’s tape, quick drying cement etc. Sealers used in pipe fittings should offer a tight, leak-proof fit. It is important to always make sure to replace the piping with the same material or one with high rating. In addition, for repair and maintenance, use of a high quality material is recommended.


Pipes and fittings are used globally in every aspect from households to industrial appliances. At the domestic level, these are used as water pipes or curtain rods. At the commercial level, pipes and fittings can be used for transporting materials such as hot water, chemicals, oil, gas and sewage or act as a drainage system and in construction industries as well. 


As the population is growing rapidly, construction materials are high in demand. The pipe fitting industry received a growth of around 8-10% globally in the last few years. Pipes and fittings are important for the housing industry as these are required in almost every sphere of the construction, housing and drainage system. Nowadays, numerous kinds of pipes and fittings are available in the market. These also serve as a cost effective solution in the growth of various industrial products.