Solid wood floor medallions (13)

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All About Solid Wood Floor Medallions

A solid floor medallion brings a unique look to any standard wood floor. These medallions can be used with new flooring or when one is doing sanding on an already existing floor. One can find a variety of options with this type of flooring. One can opt for a custom floor as well and get it designed as per their requirements. These floors are created using wood species belonging to the top category or combination of species as per customer requirements. Wood flooring medallions are available in different patterns and textures. Whether consumers are looking for a traditional style or a modern style, medallions can meet  each and every specification in the best possible way.

Solid wood floor medallions are available in large variety of different types and styles,  which makes it convenient for a customer to easily find what they are looking for. They can offer a classy appearance and make any normal looking floor look exceptionally beautiful. They can also be used with both already existing floors and new floor as well. Less expenditure on maintenance is an added perk. Unique floor designs are available which can be used to give a perfect look to even an ordinary looking floor. The installation process is very easy and one with little knowledge of floor installation can easily perform this.

A variety of solid floor medallions are available in different shapes, thickness, and wood species. Achieving customized floor designs is not an issue when it comes to these elegantly carved wooden floors. If companies wish their company logo to be included or any other requirement, this can easily be fulfilled.

With medallion wood floors less maintenance work is required, but it is required on regular basis, particularly with respect to cleaning. However, it is never recommended to use normal cleaner or pouring water over the floor for cleaning purpose. To ensure full safety, use cleaners which are specifically designed for cleaning this type of floor. Even if someone applies a wet mop to clean the floor, it is advisable to dry the floor completely. To ensure a medallion floor looks beautiful for a long time, one should always clean it at regular intervals of time.

Adding a medallion to any wooden floor adds elegance. This type of flooring adds beauty to both residential buildings and commercial buildings. Personalized customization, variety to choose from, unique and classy range of shades, good quality materials - all these factors the use of solid wood floor medallions a worthy investment on both the personal and professional landscape.

Company Spotlight: Margaritelli

Margaritelli Deutschland is a popular manufacturer of solid wood floor medallions. This manufacturer offers a plethora of solid wood medallion floors. An individual can therefore meet all their requirements in a convenient manner. Margaritelli is among those who always looks for perfection and strive to deliver outstanding and innovative products that take care of aesthetic well-being.