1397 – Hilversum Golf Club

1397 – Hilversum Golf Club

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1397 – Hilversum Golf Club

31/44 Architects as Architects

Our approach and aim for the design of the new Hilversum Golf Club is to preserve and enhance the existing character and atmosphere of the internal and external spaces.

Our design proposes a series of smaller buildings clustered around a courtyard that evoke traditional farm and rural buildings yet deliver refined modern spaces. The design incorporates strong gables and large roofs (arranged around an informal central court) to deliver a building that at times appears grand but without ostentation.

The central court allows for large scale gatherings but also acts as a point of arrival for both guests and members – evoking a feelingof a clearing in the woodland through which you arrive at the Club. The positioning of a gable at the centre of the space indicates the main entrance. From here you can also see the clock tower which acts as a point of orientation. It is also visible as a reference point for when you play your second shot on the 18th hole. The large roof volumes are placed over the main spaces – with the largest being the central hall of the Clubroom.

The Clubroom itself has a central hall with a vaulted ceiling. Along the side aisles of the Clubroom there are more quiet informal places to sit, relax and eat. A west facing terrace captures the late afternoon sun and a domestic scale Clubroom annex frames views of the surrounding landscape.

The buildings are constructed from robust, traditional and local materials with simple detailing in order to maximise the budget available.

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